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Tuition Heroes: Part of the Solution to the Problem of Rising Tuition Rates in America

Similar to the Energy Star Badge for efficient appliances, Tuition Heroes rewards higher education institutions for their tuition control.

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Tuition Heroes works with almost 4,000 higher education institutions across America. In 2015, we designated almost 1,500 Tuition Heroes.

We're currently piloting 18 Tuition Heroes Funds. We're hoping to raise at least $5,000 for each institution. Fund scan be used for need-based or merit-based scholarships. They can also be used for campus-based, capital projects that improve the students' experience and reduce the need to pass along expenses through tuition increases.

Awareness among higher education leaders and the general public is our biggest challenge. We are pumping out interesting content through our blog and leveraging it through our social media channels. We'd like to spend some money on social media advertising, but we need to shore up some needed funding.    

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People could go straight into the workforce straight out of high school, without needing any type of higher education. Instead of going hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt, they were instantly making money and building their lives. In the few decades since, however, the standards have changed. In today’s world, in most cases, to obtain that same decent, full-time job, one must have earned at least an associate’s degree. To do so, costs money; a lot of money. People used to be able to attend four years of college for the price that we now pay for one year. A majority of people spend at least 40 years, if not longer trying to pay back their school loans. People shouldn't be paying their entire lives for schooling that almost all jobs now require.
Tuition Heroes recognizes this growing issue, and is trying to help put a stop to the “growing” aspect. They are rewarding higher education institutions for keeping their tuitions rates essentially constant, both with a “badge” and with funds for need-based and merit-based scholarships. The badge is something of a gold star that the institutions can show off and use as a selling point to try to get potential students to choose their school. Colleges and universities are always looking for more, new ways to impress students, and this badge gives them another new way. It seems to be beneficial for the both the school, but as well as for the students. Because of Tuition Heroes, they know they can count on a fixed tuition rate at their chosen school, without getting a slap in the face the next school year when another $4,000 is tacked onto the rate they thought they would be paying.
The most impressive part about Tuition Heroes is that the fundraising they do goes to providing scholarships to students, instead of just providing the badges to schools. So not only do they work with schools to keep tuition at steady rates, but they also provide the schools with more money to help aid students trying to achieve their degree in higher education.
Parents and students are always stressing about how they are going to be paying for school, as it seems to keep getting more expensive each year. Tuition Heroes is actually making a difference; working to keep the cost of college constant, and to also help families pay for the schooling.

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