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Trendy or Durable clothing what should be the choice?

Fashion is about being ahead in style; trendy or fashionable clothing has become a by-product of the modern era.

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Fashion is about being ahead in style; trendy or fashionable clothing has become a by-product of the modern era. Hence, people of contemporary age are keen to try novel things rather repeating style. Thus, customers epically shift their preferences when they deal with clothing brands. Brands struggle in managing the balance between producing trendy and sustainable (long-lasting) dresses. Producing durable clothes and keep on with fashion leave companies with a lower profit margin. Choosing between trendy and durable manufacturing has become a dilemma for fashion brands.

Customers’ preferences

However, a survey carried out by essay writing service unleashes the fact of Omni-channels becoming a new trend of shopping. Online shopping does not allow customers to check the stuff and feel quality of clothes. The secret of high online sales is customers' preferences of seeing great designs paired with stylish accessories such as bracelets and glasses. Fashionable and unique dresses get the eyes rolling to the brands. Consumers buy clothes because of their voguish appearance and grace. The online sales in the apparel industry are skyrocketing compared to traditional stores. The reason for an increase in online sales is the feasibility to have look in a variety of clothes and compare them with other brands. You can also take part in such research studies and online paid surveys at DRT Solutionz. They are a leading survey collection website, offering surveys from over 21 countries.

Even, many of us do not want to be pictured in the same dress and replace things we already have. According to a survey of 2000 women, the majority of the clothes are worn 7-time maximum. Many of the women have adopted an approach of “wearing it once” that have led the fashion brands to invest in trendy clothing. In addition, average women generally spend £64 monthly while £768 per annum on buying dresses.

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