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Best Ideas for HR Dissertation Topics Students Should Consider

This article shares some of the best topics for your Human Resource dissertation.

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Human resource is a part of management study which deals with handle the man power within the organisation. It deals with staffing and recruitment, grievance handling, orientation and other tasks related to the human resource of the organisation. For successful and smooth operation of any organisation there needs to be highly efficient human resource management.

There is a huge demand for HR mangers in the business world. A lot of students undertake this subject as a part of their degree. In order to accomplish the course students have to complete a dissertation on the subject.

Importance of HR Dissertation

Your HR dissertation is a long piece of work undertaken as a part of the degree on a selected topic. You have to conduct thorough research on the topic which is far beyond the scope of your university library. The aim of your HR dissertation is to assimilate your HR skills and knowledge with the available research content in order to produce a high quality paper.

Writing an HR dissertation is a preparation for your future. It helps you in learning and polishing your theories and concepts related to human resource management and give you a hand on experience on the subject. You will be able to develop skills to crucially analyse and incorporate the strategies and come up with hypothesis to deal with the situation.

Selection of HR dissertation topic

There are various factors which affect the quality of your paper. One of the most important factors is the topic. Selecting the right topic is highly crucial in deciding the success of your dissertation. If you make a wrong choice, you will be bored working on it as an author and the reader will also not enjoy it. You have to select a topic with which your audience is familiar and you can easily generate interest about it among them.

Your idea about the topic must be latest and relevant in the current scenario. Your dissertation aims at putting forward your opinion about a topic and getting the response on it. The topic must evoke interest in the reader. Also you must be able to find enough material on the selected topic. Before selecting a topic you must conduct some research to find out if it is feasible for you or not. You can also fix a meeting with your supervisor before finalising the topic.

HR Dissertation Topics – 

  1. Ways to improve employee selection process in large organisations.
  2. Employee productivity: how to boost it?
  3. The impact of employee training on the overall profitability of the organisation. A case study.
  4. How motivation programs affect employee performance?
  5. What are the gender related aspects of work and management?
  6. The impact of human resource management on shareholder value in management.
  7. The role of HRM in bringing organisational change.
  8. Ways to improve tea work among employees through effective human resource management.
  9. How technological changes have impacted the HR policies?
  10. The role of HRM in managing workforce diversity.
  11. The skills required by HRM to deal with today’s turbulent climate.

The HR topics cover a wide range of industry issues and thus, it becomes crucial for the students to brainstorm different topic ideas before selecting one. To ensure an A+ in your dissertation be careful while selecting a topic.

Author Bio- Lexi Edwards is an expert academic writer and is associated with Assignment Desk for the same. Many students have benefitted from her in writing their thesis and dissertations.

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