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The World Center of Baby (WCOB)

The World Center of Baby (WCOB)

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The World Center of Baby ( is an innovative organization securing your interests and safety in the field of reproductive technology.

 Today these offers seem to be excessively numerous because of the current amount of practicing clinics and agencies. We aim to protect you from frequently occurring mistakes and provide you with the highest standards of medical care and legal support.

 Our team is comprised of inspired professionals who have vast experience in the legal, medical, and client-oriented domain.

 All our members have gained experience at well-known facilities and have now teamed up in order to create a higher level of quality service, transparent communication, and the most efficient process for you.

Medical centers

 The WCOB works in cooperation with the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and IVMED (Rodynne Dzherelo) medical centers, where the vast range of specialists focus on a complex approach to the treatment of infertility problems.

 All the doctors are at the forefront of reproductive medicine in Ukraine and the world. The medical team's experience, modern laboratory facilities, and advanced equipment allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and enhance the variety of treatment options.

 Together we are staying at the top of new methods in the field of artificial reproductive technology.


The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a center for human reproduction, which has managed to remain exceptional among others performing ART and Surrogacy.

 Our corporate philosophy primarily is to serve and protect our client. Being successful in providing surrogacy is not simply the most amazing ability; transforming a complicated and tedious procedure into a masterpiece is worth a lot.

 Why WCOB?

The question seems quite trivial but we can answer it proudly.

 We are going to ask you a counter-question: what components are indispensable for a successful surrogacy program?

 If you do not mind, we will answer for you:
 These are, of course, the PEOPLE who carry out the key functions throughout your journey so that each tiny detail of this huge mechanism works properly and efficiently.

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