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Tech integration in mentoring

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The educational world is now revolving around technology and as the students are ready to deal with the tech-resources, more hands-on activities are planned in the lessons. It is also worth mentioning that education institutions are spending more time and resources to provide basic training to teachers on the integration of ICT in their lessons and also providing them training to meet the requirements.

The educational institutions need to make it a practice to provide at least one PD (Professional development) training to teachers in each term and this would certainly help them the tech integration. So, how can the educational institutions ensure that the hired teaching staff has the support or the training that is needed to integrate the ICT?

Advance your Tech career with the IT Mentor

I have been the working hand for many teachers as my IT skills were good and have all the latest variations of IT structure to give my career a shot. Some of the training and the education are irreplaceable, but one needs to get used to it or else they are just erased from your memory.

After all, the professional development cannot beat the insight from the corner, but having a mentor can turn things around. Many times, the responsibility is often given to the IT teacher and not to the whole school that is untrained.

Many of us are also unaware that Month of January is celebrated as the Month of Mentoring, so this is the best time to raise the awareness that everyone should have a Mentor.

Are Mentors Valuable?

As read before in many books and articles that mentors are very useful and helpful at the same time. In addition to their respective fields, IT professionals have a vast experience of dealing with the aftermaths of teachers who are often see juggling with Microsoft. But, people do not take the guidelines of the IT teachers and continue to do what they know. Mentors will and are providing all the all-out support and also providing you the guidelines to understand the working better.

The ‘two-way’ relationship between the mentee and the mentor is very symbolic. This is a traditionally outdated form of mentoring.  Well, to get a better deal from the mentorship program, helping a person succeed and may be creating a tech-savvy future for our new generation.

The appearance of a Mentor

Well, the definition of the mentor is quite the same as the leader but, the mentor should be a good listener and experienced to answer any question from the mentee who is seeking information and approaches from the mentor.

The mentor chosen must have a passion to train/ coach. Many of the mentors are not good, but they create great leaders who are inspired to support. When you are looking for a mentor for your professional development, you must choose a mentor who is good in the subject, must have decent quality to be supportive and observing the people characters to stand-up side by side.

Finding the right mentor

It is very much important to choose a mentor who does not take the mentorship lightly. The person should be tech-savvy and must have the knowledge and the skill to put forward the career of his mentee and also provide him the best support to make him feel pleasant.

The only objective of the mentor is to develop the skills by putting all the strategies inline your goals. Before the mentee should figure out the objectives you can provide him the support and the reflection according to his standard.

The knowledge and the charisma to mentor someone is a good sign as you need to strengthen the goals of the organization. The optimization of the mentor must be pretty good and he must be unable to understand the marketing trend and ride in the fast lane to get the unexpected.

Final thought

Mentoring program has never been discussed in detail and also agreed with all the concept that is shared during the mentor ship program with the teacher. This becomes really difficult for the teacher to manage her own lesson and now due to the PD, the teacher will be busier than his/ her previous job duty. This is the best opportunity to get any essay help UK get things started. But, please you have taken the program to get the welcome feedback.

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