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Teaching Strategies Then and Now

Idea Is To Take Some Background About Teaching Then And Now

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As technology is deeply rooting itself in the field of education, the items which were once used are being replaced with the sleeker and advanced items. Those jet blackboards were updated with whiteboards which were further updated with interactive whiteboards. Teaching strategies have significantly changed over the past decades in a variety of ways. Let’s look at the ways in which the teaching strategies now are different from the previous ones:

  • Visualization: 

    Do you remember the monotonous blackboard? It isn’t there now! The dull academic concepts are being brought to life through visuals and practical learning, for example, interactive whiteboards, presentations, and use of audio clips.

  • Group Activities

    The process of encouraging the students with diverse skills and abilities to work together as a team helps to develop cooperative learning. It helps in developing self-confidence and critical-thinking skills. Previously, the scientific experiments, role-plays, skills development activities were not common.

  • Technological Classroom

    The act of integrating updated technology assists in engaging the students because the current generation is surrounded by technology 24/7. Technology makes the learning more interactive as it allows the students to research their ideas instantly. Moreover, it can even make the formative assessments fun. The technology includes Mobile Phones and iPads.

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Teaching strategies then involved the prevalent rote learning methods; however, the inquiry-based learning is promoted now. Some thought-provoking questions are posed so that the students become independent learners and gain the deeper insight into the academic concepts.

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