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Study Physiotherapy & Give People the Gift of Freedom of Movement

Physiotherapy is an ancient science that can cure physical disability or aid in making movement possible.

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With people’s lifestyles becoming more and more sedentary, orthopedic and nervous ailments are affecting a large percentage of the population. Also, not all can take the physical and mental stress of surgery and those who still opt for it can’t get back to leading normal lives on their own.

This is where physiotherapy comes in. Though physiotherapy is a parallel medical procedure of treatment, it is becoming inevitable with every passing day. So if you always wondered about the scope of studying physiotherapy, or kind of career that is associated with it, keep on reading! Today we will delve into the career prospects and scope of physiotherapy as a subject.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an ancient science that can cure physical disability or aid in making movement possible. Physiotherapy includes non-surgical techniques and helps in reducing pain and difficulties associated with orthopedic diseases and surgery.

It also aims at inducing movement in cases of disability, handicap, surgery, orthopedic and nerve ailments etc.

Why should you study physiotherapy?

Though one is not required to do an MBBS in order to become a physiotherapist, in India, a physiotherapist is designated as a “doctor” with the prefix “P.T.”

There is a growing demand for physiotherapists in the current scenario. From the treatment of those who are physically disabled to aiding those who are suffering from something as common as osteoporosis or arthritis, a physiotherapist is needed in almost all treatment procedures.

A degree in physiotherapy gives one the chance of both working with a renowned hospital and the opportunity to practice privately as well.

The profession of a physiotherapist is one associated with interesting challenges like making people with disabilities/trauma gain control of their motor movements again.

∙As a physiotherapist, one can specialize in various fields such as neurology, cardio-respiratory treatment, orthopedics and geriatrics.

Lastly, if you have the urge to help people and make a difference in their lives by giving them the gift of movement, this is the profession for you.

Studying Physiotherapy

If you want to study physiotherapy in India only one academic program is available – a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. Fortunately, we at Bhagwant University bring you the best in industry Faculty, Course Curriculum and Training Module.

Course Description:

The course delves into various aspects of the human body and deals with cytology, anatomy, medical conditions like surgery, injury etc. The students are trained in clinical procedures such as rehabilitation, pathology, pharmacology, therapy and disability prevention.


B. PT or Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy is an undergraduate course and a candidate is required to have previously studies subjects like – physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology - in his or her +2s in order to be eligible to pursue this course..

Further Studies:

Post B. PT, a student can then pursue a master’s degree in the subject. If one does not wish to practice as a physiotherapist one can also go for a doctorate degree and get engaged in research related to physiotherapy.

Studying Physiotherapy with Bhagwant University:

Bhagwant University offers both Bachelors in Physiotherapy and Masters in Physiotherapy programs. Specializations offered are in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation.

Bachelors in Physiotherapy

Course duration - 4 years

No of Seats – 40

Eligibility – 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics with UJET/ENAT/JEE

Masters in Physiotherapy

Course duration - 2 years

No of Seats – 30

Eligibility – B. PT with a qualification in the exam conducted at the state or national level

The profession of a physiotherapist is one that involves immense satisfaction. Not only are physiotherapists well-paid, but the happiness a physiotherapist experiences on seeing his or her patient walk or make movement independently can’t be described.

Thus, if you have the calling to become a physiotherapist, go for it! Choose Bhagwant University, which has state-of-the-art infrastructure and academic resources to aid your journey into the world of physiotherapy. 

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