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Saying “I Can’t” is a Cop Out!

Finally, I stopped making excuses and start focusing.

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“No, I can’t do this, I don’t have it in me.”

“Sorry, I can’t make it… It’s just too much for me to handle.”

“I can’t put up with the pressure anymore! Will someone rescue me?”

“I can’t pen down a perfect piece of writing. Hey, will someone write my essay for me?”

These statements mentioned above and others of the similar nature portray the speaker as a person who has no control over the situation; who is docile and victim to the circumstances; and; who is a person that needs a helping hand to combat troublesome situations. As evident, nobody wants to be that person.

I can’t is a cop-out. It makes you feel vulnerable, desperate and makes you locate an easy escape. Thus, the first step to stop being all of these is by eliminating the phrase “I can’t” from your life. It would be better if you replace it with “I can,” however, it is a gradual process towards betterment.

The question here is: how to stop saying “I can’t?” To get a descriptive answer to the question, refer to the pointers discussed below:

Don’t Play it Safe

It is important to step out of your comfort zone so that you can discover what you are capable of performing. However, if you try to play it safe, you may bottle up the potential you possess. This will be a great loss on your part, and you should never let your capabilities corrode this way.

You need to explore the available opportunities, fit yourself into the desired paradigm, and strike with the unmatched potential of yours. Since time and tide wait for none, you should start erasing your boundaries right away to explore the best you have in yourself.

Make Use of Peer Pressure

If you surround yourself with positivity, you are likely to be influenced by it. Thus, get close to people who are motivated and passionate about their goals and dreams. In this manner, you will push yourself to live up to the standards of this positive peer pressure.

If you feel that this is too much to do and cannot be attained spontaneously, you can note the attributes of such individuals and try to adopt them. Eventually, you will find yourself no different than the individuals you once aspired to be like.

Set High Goals and Even Higher Expectations

The secret to stop saying “I can’t” lies in setting long-term goals and working towards them. Let’s understand this concept, using an example. Consider, you yearn to become a student scoring straight ‘A’ grades, this becomes your goal. Next, you identify the requirements involved in attaining your devised goal. Once you have these down, you expect yourself to live up to them without doubting your skillset.

 To make this leap of faith, you have to develop high expectations from yourself and push yourself to complete those.

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