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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing the Thesis

This article deals with the most important part of thesis writing, i.e. knowledge about details of prerequisites before starting to write.

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A thesis is an important piece of paper that has the capability to decide your future. If you are able to submit a good thesis on time, your chances of getting good grades improve manifold. Thesis writing is a complex task and involves a lot of understanding and research.

A common mistake that students make in hurry is to start working on it without having a clear idea about the requirements. Such students often face problems at the end when their actual work does not meet the guidelines and they have to redo a major part of it. If you have incomplete information and misconceptions about the topic and still continue to write it, you may get unexpected surprises later on.

If you really want to succeed in your thesis, you must ask some questions before starting to write. Here are some important things suggested by thesis writing service providers that you must ask your professor or find out from different sources beforehand.

1. When is the deadline?

Students do not pay attention to the due date and keep on procrastinating the thesis. Later when the deadline approaches, they start panicking and start working under stress. They often look for thesis writing service Australia for help. It is better that you look at the deadline before starting to write so that not only you are able to finish your work on time but also you can plan your research accordingly.

2. What is the main purpose of the thesis?

While writing a thesis, you must be well-aware of why you are writing on this particular topic. You must identify the scope of the topic and find out what all should be covered in it. If you have any confusion, you can contact your professor. Visit him ask clear all our doubts. Ask him questions related to the topic and clarify its purpose.

3. What should be the word count of the thesis?

Word count is an important factor which determines the direction and amount of research to be conducted. If you write less words than required or exceed the word limit, both are going to put a negative impact on your thesis. Ask your professor about the overall word count as well the word count or number of pages for each chapter or section of the thesis. This will also help you plan your paper in a better way.

4. What should be the format of the thesis?

Different universities have different guidelines regarding the format of the thesis. Also the subject of the thesis also affecst the format. You can ask your professor about the particular formatting requirements of your thesis like the title page, font, margins, header, footer, etc.

5. How should I format the reference list?

Referencing is important to avoid the issue of plagiarism. There are specific guidelines for formatting the reference list. There are different formats for referencing like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. You must ask which formatting style you have to follow.

6. Can you take external help?

Sometimes you are stuck in between and you cannot proceed. At such a moment you look for help with the thesis online. There are many websites that can offer professional assistance. You must be clear whether you can take help from an outside source or not.

Apart from this, you must also ask what associated reports are required and what audience you have to write for.

About the Author: Joseph helps many students in completing their thesis and dissertations. He is an academic writer and works with Global Assignment Help. He spends his free time painting beautiful pictures.

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