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Personal enrichment or career goals

Education is a critical and irreplaceable means to personal growth and character refinement in today’s world.

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Education is a critical and irreplaceable means to personal growth and character refinement in today’s world. We have a plethora of alternatives offered to us by modern day educational institutes that with the right attitude and proper direction, we can actually acquire true knowledge in our quest for education. I discovered and understood the value of education after ruining my high school GPA. But once I realized the need of true commitment for education on my part to realize my dreams, I dedicated myself to the mission of ascertaining an educated future for me.

Every person reaches a point in his/her life where an impending life-changing decision can totally alter the shape of their future. While for some it could be as major as a life and death situation, for others it could be as basic as choosing the right career path. My ultimate goal in life is to open my very own spa and run it like a successful business in all its aspects. I am of Asian origins and my parents migrated from China to the USA 12 years ago in order to realize their American dream. With rich professional experience in massage therapy, they consistently built a career in the beauty and healthcare industry. Still with a combined experience of 30 years in the fields, they are unable to take the big leap and become entrepreneurs due to language barrier. Thus, I wish to accomplish for my parents what they were unable to do for themselves. However, I do understand that running a business is not a concept to be trifled with. It takes planning, strategizing, awareness and administrative abilities along with a novel idea. Since I have the idea ready, what I need is thorough training in order to make my dream come true.

That being said, I do believe that Rutgers is the place that can help me realize my career goals and enrich myself at both personal and professional level. After completing high school, I joined the Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey for an Associate degree in Business Administration which I gained in December 2012. All through my associate degree, I have consciously prepared myself for a graduate course in Business Administration from Rutgers Business School. According to the Financial Times, the executive MBA program at Rutgers (EMBA) is ranked 23rd in the US, making it without argument a Tier 1 B-school program. But that is not all; Rutgers offers many things which I believe will make my business education worth its while.

The Rutgers Curriculum. Rutgers offers world class academic portfolios for students to choose from and nationally top ranked MBA programs. My aim at acquiring a comprehensive EMBA degree is not just to learn how to become a good manager, but to learn from the best instructors in the field. With the outstanding and demanding faculty present at Rutgers, I feel that an extra push that I will need to achieve my best will be given. Being one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most distinguished institutions of higher learning in the nation, Rutgers today is supported by a network of more than 380,000 alumni. The research facility at Rutgers is also state of the art and a proud member of the Association of American Universities. Although, I intend to learn the art of entrepreneurship and understand the nuances of business administration that can help me set up my own spa, learning the experience and business techniques that makes the global economy tick seems to be the foremost step to success. Rutgers offers a holistic curriculum to build a keen marketing sense, astute financial knowledge, keen human resource management skills and efficient operational practices; thus, offering a golden opportunity to acquire knowledge in multiple dimensions of business.

The Rutgers College life. In addition to the curriculum, the college life and culture of an institute are also of prime importance for an aspiring student. For years, Rutgers has been one of the leaders in enrolling students of different ethnicities, nationalities, religion believes and social backgrounds. Even though I have been living in the US for the past 12 years, I still feel that a college that hosts a diverse crowd and maintains a record of attracting minority and born abroad scholars to its faculty can have much to offer in terms of overall social development to someone like me. Over the course of 2012, I also visited many colleges during open days and Rutgers’ college life outshined that of every other college in the New York/New Jersey area. The way anyone can feel at home at Rutgers and the welcome feeling of belonging that comes here could not be matched by any other campus and I very much look forward to cherish that feeling all through my graduation years.

Co-curricular activities at Rutgers. Even though, acquisition of sound business sense is my prime agenda to seek an EMBA degree from Rutgers, development of my social skills and enhance my personality are also important goals that I seek to fulfill via my business education. While a good college life ensures a healthy learning environment and a world class curriculum ensures development of the intellect, co-curricular activities ensure honing of hidden talents in every student. Rutgers claim to offer a life-changing educational experience that gives its students the skills and knowledge to compete globally, while broadening their appreciation for how the world works. I intend to make the most of this opportunity by participating in various co-curricular activities and clubs, thereby, building my social as well as professional know-how.

While everything that the college has to offer is exceptional on its own, its uncanny proximity to the industry and location advantage makes Rutgers an infallible choice to acquire a world class business education from. The proximity of Rutgers to the business centers of NYC, Philadelphia, and Boston means that they are surrounded by industry and have many of the nation’s leading companies in their back yard. Their partnerships with leading corporations provide their graduates access to opportunities in the global economy. Such an exposure can change world outlook for an aspiring entrepreneur and open new doors for self exploration and evolution at both professional and personal front.

Conclusively, Rutgers has to offer everything that a business education aspirant seeks in a good B-School. I hope to join Rutgers and to polish my personality, hone my intellect, develop opinions and learn to build a successful business. While living up to realizing my parents’ dream is the true fuel for my passion for business education, the added benefit of becoming a better individual holds great value for me as well and I believe that Rutgers can help me in achieving all that.

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