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Management Assignment Help Made The Academic Assignments Easy

Today, there is a huge number of students who are interested in pursuing a higher degree in management.

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Today, there is a huge number of students who are interested in pursuing a higher degree in management. With the increase in the importance of this discipline, students are keen to get admitted to courses like business Double Masters, Graduate Certificate in Management, Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma of Business Administration etc. During these courses, students are needed to write assignments for their university. Without management assignment help writing assignments at university level can be quite difficult and challenging.

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Understand The Concept Of Management By Management Assignment Experts

As per the management assignment experts, management has been known for distinct processes like planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. This processes can also be remembered as POSDICON. Generally, all these processes are performed to determine and achieve the stated goals of an organisation.

Management Theories Explained By Management Assignment Help

Administrative Management Theory - Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol discovered the Administrative Management Theory. There are 14 principles involved in this management theory such as division of work, authority and responsibility, unity of command, Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest, Remuneration, Scalar Chain, Tenure Stability, Esprit de Corps, Span of Control, Simplicity, Unity of Direction, Order and Equity.

Theory of Scientific Management - Frederick Taylor

Frederick Winslow Taylor was a mechanical engineer. Also, he was the first management consultant. He develops the Theory of Scientific Management. He mentioned 4 principles i.e. develop a science for a man’s work which replaced the old thumb rule method, scientifically select and provides training to the workers, ensure that the work done is in accordance with the principles of the science, division of work and responsibility equally between the workers and management.

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Bureaucratic Theory - Max Weber

The Bureaucratic Theory was developed by Max Weber who was also the author of “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905)”. This management theory is also known as Max Weber theory. In this theory, everyone is treated equally within the organisation. Also, the division of labour is stated clearly for each worker. Max Weber’s Bureaucratic theory includes following principles such as task specialisation, formal selection, hierarchical of authority, impersonal, rules and requirements and career orientation.

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