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Major Points That Will Help You Frame a Good Essay

For anyone who is facing difficulty in understanding how the body of the essay should look, just read this article, and all your doubts

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Education is an important tool that helps us stand different among other living creatures. Education enables us to express our ideas and understanding of the world. This expression of understanding and knowledge is what we call an essay.

Essay writing has been a part of our education system for long. Apart from the bookish study, our ability to go deep into a subject and come out with a well-researched data is judged in an essay. Though the types of essays vary, the basic writing pattern of every essay remains the same. To deliver an essay that catches the reader’s attention and imparts your knowledge, a pattern has to be followed.

Certain sure short points help us to pen down an essay in the best possible manner. These points that deliver you an idea in the required pattern are -

Maintain the flow of ideas
Continuity in the flow of ideas is required to be maintained. The reader does not want to get lost while reading the essay. He/she should be totally involved in the essay. The continuity need not be limited to only a particular section of the essay. A logical and sequential flow of ideas or arguments should be present both within the essay and within each section of the essay.

Take into account the tone of writing
One must take care of how he is writing. The tone of writing is very important while presenting an idea. Most of the essays don’t demand the usage of the first-person tone like “I/me.” Be careful of the tone while writing it. In case you are asked to pen your own view, you should do this in the first person like “I think….”

Add bullets or numbers
Don’t just keep on writing long stretchy paragraphs; this makes it boring for the reader to get involved with the essay. Try and divide the paragraph into smaller sections. A paragraph should not be more than 5-6 lines. You should even have a habit of adding bullets or numbers. This point makes it catchy for the reader to read it.

Add images
If possible, add relevant images to the essays to make it appealing. You should also try and add graphs and charts to make the reading process simpler and involve more and more readers.

Quote examples
Writing examples can be thought of as a universally identified visualizing tool. You can make a reader imagine what you are thinking and how you have understood the topic. An example not only makes the essay eye-catching but also expresses your understanding of the subject. Examples can range from real-life stories to expert theories.

These points apply to the body of the essay, which is the main part of the essay. The body of the essay should be preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion. So all you need to do is keep these points in mind and then begin the writing work, you will surely land up at the correct spot. 

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