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Jaipuri style décor for a Royal Look

Know about jaipuri style home decor for a royal look to your home- By Zad Interiors

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Indian history is famous for its vast tradition and culture.

This country celebrates colours like no other, a major representative of India’s art and cultural abundance lies in the artistic city of Rajasthan that has earned its name in the books of history for being famous for its colourful interiors.

Rajasthani culture is famous not only for its tradition but it also brings in a lot of factors like the rich and beautiful interior designs and printings that have been on the walls of different castles since history itself, depicting the tales of the folks.

Since we cannot live up with such royalty and costs, we can idealise with the idea of a Jaipuri style decor which would add to the royal look in your home. As we cannot bring back those times for you, we have curated a list of the best ideas from the best Interior designers in Jaipur.

  1. Bright textiles: A major thing which differentiates Rajasthan apart from its handicrafts is its textiles. The state is exclusively renowned for Block prints, mirror work, and embroidery that comes together in a mesmerising blend, creating bursts of colour inside your idle house. The best part about textiles is that you can customise your decor depending on your taste. You can opt for a minimalistic look by re-arrangement of those square pillows on your low-seats. Similarly, you could also go in for intricately woven, multicoloured tapestries that pop out.
  2. Low seating arrangements: To bring a little bit of the royal life into your home, you can go with the option of some low seating arrangement. These seating arrangements have been a prerequisite of the Rajput lifestyle and a fixture in all palaces. A low seating area in your house adds a touch of grandeur and resplendence if themed well. You can put a two-person bed with cushions or bolsters paired with embroidered Rajasthani quilts and covers, these designs will create an added essence inside the room. Moreover, you can also add a low-hanging swing or a table with cushioned chairs with a blend of sober mustards, soft maroons, and various contrasting hues.
  3. Give an artistic finish: Giving an artistic touch to your living can make it look more elegant and interesting. The addition of different colours and mini-stories in your walls is one amongst many options that you can go with. You can opt for shades and hues that will be depicting Indian origin and will give a similar resemblance to your living area. Also, Traditionally made sofas and royal statues from various interior designers in Jaipur can also help you to create more of that look.
  4. Sculpture’s for authenticity: To give an outdoor vibe to your room, you can also consider the option of placing a large sculptural tree inside your living space. Such a setting will give an authentic look to your room and will set an outdoor mood to your place and will also resemble the idle Rajasthani styling.
  5. Play with the lighting: To make the home look bright, one can surely use various types of lighting. It is essential to do thorough research on the effects of light and its shadows as they play an important role in focus-grabbing. With great design or finish details, one needs to lean towards some of the interesting pieces of lights. It will create a dramatic effect in the room.

As we come across the different and unique ideas for a better Rajasthani look, you can always opt for the best out of these designs with immense research and set them as per your taste and preferences.

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