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How To Write An Apology Application For Not Submitting Assignment On Time?

Application assignment help for the students.

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Assignments are the most intimidating and tedious tasks, isn’t it? The students are likely to encounter these time-consuming papers through every walk of their academic life. However, why do the students miss the deadlines or delay the submissions? It is likely due to the tardiness, emergencies, procrastination, diminishing of the ability to understand the topic or lack of writing skills. Wait! Do you remember the assignment that was due to be submitted tomorrow? Did you miss the deadline? Failure in the submission on time might result in serious penalties dependent upon the teacher. Nevertheless, don’t panic and instead fix the situation with the handmade super-glue i.e. the apology letter!

Here’s a guide towards writing the best apology letter/Application for the late submission:

1. Abide by the format:

The format plays a major role in integrating the element of formality in your application. In the academic life, you’re expected to exhibit formal behavior in each of your actions and writing pieces. Therefore, if you start writing the application roughly on a crumpled paper without following the application format then, it doesn’t adhere to the academic standards. Therefore, take a fresh piece of blank paper and follow the format: The date, name of the instructor comes at the left end of the page followed by a subject at the centre. The salutation, body of the application, closing (for example, yours sincerely) followed by the signature and your name is aligned to the left.

2. Think of a reasonable excuse:

What do you think about the excuses “My dog/cat ate my assignment!”, “I thought that the assignment was in my bag but I accidentally left it at home” or “I was absent when the assignment’s deadline was announced” or “My computer or printer got crashed”? Have you ever made any such excuses in your life? Many times, the experienced professors don’t tend to accept your excuses; however, it might occur that some creative, valid, and courageous excuse could make you escape the eye of the professors. Your excuse must be compelling enough to make the professors render their belief on you.

3. Apologize humbly:

If you’re trying to compel the professor to grant you an extension in deadline or accept your late assignment, you need to reconsider it, as it isn’t appropriate. You must respect the busy academic schedule of your professor. Moreover, respect the fact that your carelessness has resulted in the late submission of assignment and caused inconvenience to the teacher. Therefore, it is your duty to apologize with grace and sincerity because it was your mistake. The apology should reflect your remorse over the action you’ve committed. Moreover, it should acknowledge your actions.

4. Make a pinky promise:

After considering your excuse, it depends upon the teacher whether he/she accepts or rejects your application. If they’ve acknowledged your request for accepting your delayed assignment then, you shouldn’t take the permission for granted and straight away submit the quality assignment to them. However, if your request was to reschedule the submission deadline then, you should make the promise of submitting the assignment before the stipulated deadline. As you’ll probably or probably not be availing the concession granted by the teacher, you’ve to make a compelling promise in the application that you won’t repeat the mistake again. Not only that, make a promise to yourself of adhering to the promise you’ve made.

Can you write the perfect application of late submission? Great! The major purpose of your application is to convince the professor. These consequences might possibly occur in life; thus, you should have a hand-on command over writing the late submission applications. You can even take the professional assistance of the dexterous writers of assignment writing services available online.

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