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How to Know When That Business Idea Is Good Enough for Wikipedia Marketing

Wikipedia is a platform which doesn’t allow promotional content. There're many technicalities that Wikipedia writers must follow

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Wikipedia undoubtedly is the most preferred and trusted source of information. It became the bees-knees when it came to finding information about any subject with having to go through a million pages available on the search engines. It was soon realized that Wikipedia couldn’t be cited as a credible source of information, especially for research papers because of its user-edit nature. However, Wikipedia turned out to be an excellent platform used for marketing and branding a business. There are several reasons why Wikipedia is considered a worthwhile venture for marketing.

Wikipedia is an excellent place to get started for businesses trying to establish an online presence. Think about it: if people find the information about your brand on the platform they are more inclined to reading it before they visit your website. However, the question is how do you know when it is a good idea to have a Wikipedia page for marketing?

Getting in to Wikipedia

For starters, Wikipedia is a platform which doesn’t allow promotional content. There are many guidelines and technicalities that Wikipedia writers must follow—which is one of the reasons why marketers often avoid having a Wikipedia page. In order to have a Wikipedia page, your company must meet the notability guidelines of the platform.

Notability is the general criteria which determine if the chosen topic is Wiki-worthy. According to Wikipedia’s notability guidelines, the chosen subject must have references which must meet the three factors to qualify for the page.

Significant coverage

It means the source of information must be in-depth coverage of the topic. In-depth coverage does not include brief mentions, quotes or simple backlinks, so make sure you don’t include them in your article.

Reliability of the sources

A reliable source is one which is accurate and factual. They may be in the form of journal for medical topics to top magazines for music depending on the nature of the topic chosen for the article.

Independent of the topic

The source of information must be independent or not directly linked to the chosen topic. Sources such as press releases, official website or social media posts are not independent sources; therefore, they do not qualify to be included as a source for references in the topic.

How to make a Wikipedia page for your company?

If you decide to undertake the project, it is essential to take your time to understand and do it right. Here is a guide for writing an effective Wikipedia page.

Step 1: make an account

If you don’t have an account on the platform, make sure to register yourself as a credible writer, making it easier to get the page published.

Step 2: research and edit

Wikipedia doesn’t consider the new entries if there is already an article present about it. So make sure you don’t have any related articles on the platform. However, if the case is not in your favour, you can edit the information on the page adding authentic facts about the topic. Conversely, if you don’t have the page, you can start over to make a new one.

Step 3: cite your content

Wikipedia requires references as evidence to prove the authenticity of the entered data. Make sure that the references you add are independent of the topic and from reliable sources to avoid the deletion of the page.

Step 4: Monitor and update

As said above, Wikipedia has a user-edit nature which means any user having a Wikipedia account can edit the information entered on the platform. This is one of the major drawbacks of the platform as it can lead the reader to a different direction. So make sure you toggle on the notification to stay updated any edits made on the page. You also need to make sure that you update the information on the page to provide fresh information to the readers.


If you haven’t included Wikipedia in your marketing plan, it is high time to take advantage of the platform and establish your brand. Before moving on with it, make sure that you understand the notability guidelines of the platform and use neutral language to maintain the neutrality of the platform. 

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