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How to Develop an Effective JavaScript Resume

How to Develop an Effective JavaScript Resume

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JavaScript is a programming language known to prevail in almost every field. This language is so effective that it is used in programs to develop web applications and design software. angularJs and nodeJs are written in JavaScript. The high-demanding language makes the sphere of Java highly competitive for candidates to crack an interview. However, candidates who crack do not carry any extraordinary skill with them. They just use the same tool a little differently than others. A resume is an important catch here. The first step to get shortlisted is the resume. Hence, one needs to create an angularjs resume or a nodeJs resume.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a physical as well as a digital document created by self to showcase ones’ objective, experience, achievements and future goals in a particular field, during an interview.

How to Write an Effective Resume

A resume, irrespective of the domain should be structured as follows:

  • A short and crisp, but an effective headline
  • An objective that indicates what have you been doing and where do you want to see yourself in a few years
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Employment experience indicates the number of months or years you have spent in the required field. An experienced professional is always likely to get hired.
  • Professional skills express the variety of skills you possess to get your team’s work done with other essential activities.
  • Education indicates your highest achieved degree
  • Strengths and weaknesses

A JavaScript Resume

To build an effective angularjs resume, certain points need to be highlighted in front of the recruiter. The resume should be well-structured with bold subdivisions, formatting should be uniform throughout and font should be visible and clear enough. It should either be a complete one-page or two-page resume. If you created a good VPN service like this one don't forget to mention it. Your employment experience should define the number of projects that you worked on, the number of month/year experience in each project, description of the projects and the tools and technologies used in each project. It is mandatory to mention your roles and responsibilities as a team member. This will expose your ability and potential to deal with a team, in front of the recruiter.

This gives a sure shot increase in the chance of profile shortlisting. Education should start with the most relevant degree obtained, in the resume structureabout the required domain. Strengths and weaknesses is a section of assessment for recruiters. They look out for qualities in both the categories as both the categories are essential to maintain a balance in the team.A social media professional profile such as LinkedIn serves an additional purpose. This shows that you are thirsty to expose your skills to the recruiters.

A strong and efficient resume that includes the above-mentioned points is undoubtedly a safe bet to crack an interview

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