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How To Catch 100k Facebook Fans In a Week

In marketing, people have different opinions on Facebook. Some say Zuckerberg is more stringent than Ebeneezer Scrooge, which allows you to

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When I added my Facebook favorites list,, to my rooftop (I had 40,000 fans at that time).

Since then, I've worked hard to boost my foundation's supporters so I can add social tests to my website.

Getting the target group means you are very much involved in your work. As you can see below, sometimes we see just a few thousand of my jobs, but about a tenth.

Interestingly, I didn't break the banks to attract those fans.

The average cost for Facebook fans is $ 0.23. In every campaign, however, the fan dropped $ 0.02 or $ 0.03 on average.

Make your ad effective

Two major factors contribute to the success of Facebook advertising:

1) Picture

2) Targeted Location

  • Picture

For ads, the image shows a thousand words. Don’t write too much text on fb ad that tests the power of the image. The reason for this picture works well because it is scary. If you want to build, you will definitely participate in this state.

You also want your photos to be vivid and colorful to attract attention. A boring picture is not enough to get a million eyes on advertising. Keep in mind that Facebook users will introduce their news to see what their friends are doing instead of communicating with brands they don't know.

So if you want to click, you have to stand out in one big way.

  • Targeted Location

Another factor that makes advertising successful is goal setting. I'm just putting this ad in Asia just because it is more likely to attract interest / excitement to the local audience.

I can launch it in the United States or the United Kingdom, I think it will succeed, but if I run it with the same competition and bodybuilding people in the movie, it's not great.

Like your date, and you don't have anything in common with a girl, it's even harder to contact her if you're too. The same goes for your business and provides customers with relevant services. You can use the colors of your ads to reach your target audience. For example, black / US often gives a sense of luxury. But Chinese culture is a bad bad luck and it damages advertising.

Expert advice to attract more fans of your ads

If you create an ad like me, you can get a lot of fans. But there are also many who want / share status, but forget sites that you really like. These are all potential supporters you have lost.

So, when you click "As," you'll see a list of people and whether they are fans of your site. If they are not supporters, you can choose to invite them to your site. When you click on an invitation, they will be notified and asked to do so. As these people already like your content, they may change.

You can still offer people for about 30 minutes, but Facebook will stop you from getting more visitors. The solution to this problem is to get your family / friends to manage your site and pay a small fee to provide as many people as possible.

You can also create a new Facebook profile with another email address and add yourself as an administrator.

Author Bio:

Hi, My name is Aima Baig and I am from Baluchistan, Pakistan. I am a lecturer at BUITEMS and I have completed my Post graduate from Karachi University. I love reading books, writing blogs and Posting ads on Pakistan Classified. I always remain humble because I knew that I could have less.

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