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Here are some ways to know how to write a headline.

A fun and easy way to go about understanding how to write a headline is to choose headlines from your daily newspaper and write about them.

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It sounds easy, but the trick here is to pen some creative writing news stories that do not necessarily have the same take that the author of the original article had. Writing a news story that is compelling and substantially relevant can be difficult. That is where creative writing news stories come in.

If you already know how to write a news story that is noteworthy, more power to you. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure you know how to pay for homework and how to write a lead that is persuasive and appealing. However, if you do not yet know how to write a news story or how to write a headline that goads your readers into continuing on in the pursuit of finding out what type of story you want to tell, then read on.

Try some creative writing news exercises that will help ensure that you will come up with a piece of writing that is a sure-fire attempt at nabbing the next creative writing award. There are writing classes online that offer you a glance into the world of journalism and how to write a lead that prepares readers for all that will be discussed in the news article you write.

One creative writing news exercise to try is to attempt writing a news story that is based off of a headline, but has no actual bearing on the true idea behind the article in which you found the headline. In this way, you will learn how to write a lead for a story that can be entirely based off of the title of the article, with no discernible relationship to the original piece.

For example, some newspaper headlines in today's newspaper read:

  1. One Giant Leap: Obama Refocuses NASA on Mars
  2. Study: An Afternoon Nap Helps Brain Stay On Its Toes
  3. Saturday Mail: To Deliver or Not to Deliver

These are all national headlines. When learning how to write a headline story, you do not have to use the entire headline that you find to help you get started.

For example, for the first one, you might choose to write a story about one giant leap. Maybe you will refer to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, or you can take an entirely different perspective and write about the one giant leap that a toddler took today when they realized they knew how to jump. Or, you might focus on the part of the headline that says "Obama Refocuses," and choose to write about something he refocused on that is completely unrelated to NASA, Mars, or anything else that the ensuing article discussed. You might even choose to write about NASA workers landing on Mars, and what they found while they were there. Make it interesting and do not make it astronauts who landed there, but everyday employees who keep NASA running here on Earth. Take a unique viewpoint and see where it leads you. For the second headline, you might try your hand at a creative writing news story about a brain that is walking around, literally on its toes. It's an interesting illustration to picture in your mind -- a brain with toes. Maybe instead of a head, a person just has a brain in the place of the head. How would this person live his or her life? It may sound bizarre, but sometimes thinking in insanely creative ways can make for the most intriguing, ridiculously wonderful writing. You also may choose to write about someone who keeps getting smarter by taking naps. Their brain just keeps expanding, and their knowledge base keeps growing.

The third headline can change in various ways. Instead of "Saturday Mail" in reference to the postal service, you can write about a "Saturday male," or a man who does something interesting on a Saturday. Or, you might choose to only look at the end of that headline and see how to write a lead for an article about delivering something -- anything at all. Your main character in your story may have just realized that they have mob connections they didn't know about, and they are supposed to deliver a package for their Uncle Vinny who has always been so nice, but has just been discovered to be the leader of the biggest mob group in the state. Does the character deliver the package or not?

The point behind learning how to write a headline is to learn what it takes to make up creative writing news stories that are glaringly appealing, yet substantially sound in their writing. Just because you are being creative when you write a headline or the story that goes along with it doesn't mean that your story shouldn't make sense and still resonate with your readers.

Learn how to write a headline story all your own. Find headlines that grab your attention, and then take bits and pieces of them and create some "found headline writing" all your own. Take a cue from found poetry to see what you can come up with and how creative it can truly become.

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