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Digital Influencers: How to Become Authoritative Through Design

What is the underlying reason why a company or any other type of business wants to be present online through a website?

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What is the underlying reason why a company or any other type of business wants to be present online through a website?

To be known and find customers on the Net, of course.

And to achieve this goal we try to design a beautiful, aesthetically functional and well indexed website on search engines for the most consistent and performing keywords.

In 2019, however, this is no longer sufficient.

The new generations, in fact, use the web in a totally different way from how it is conceived by the adult world, still tied to the old traditional media patterns.

Today it is no longer TV celebrities who value brands, but digital influencers and it is from them that we should learn to optimize the image of a website.

But who is a digital influencer?

We all are potentially. We don't need to be established TV celebrities to look like people who can influence our audience's way of thinking and acting.

This of course thanks to social media and their incredible informative and persuasive ability.

So a digital influencer is simply a user who has built a personal brand based on his online reputation to create a Wikipedia page as an "expert" on a specific topic.

It can be an entrepreneur, a content reactor or a leader who can count on at least 500 followers on any online platform.

The examples of digital influencers in the field of web design and digital marketing are different and there is much to learn from them on how to make a simple website a reference point for users.

Tips from digital influencers to give an authoritative boost to your website

Here are some suggestions on how you can create an influencer site that is capable of attracting, engaging, convincing, in a word, influencing your audience.

  • The navigation menu can be a tool with which you can already "tell" your site. Instead of the usual standardized menu items (About, Services / products, Contacts, etc.) you can create labels that say something more about your site and what it contains and proposes. This increases the user's expectations and immediately generates the feeling of being in front of something different from the usual. Something that can stand out from the crowd.
  • The creation of a visual and graphic part of great impact is another way to create an immediate sense of authority. This in fact sends the signal that the site is not just a place to look for and get information, but a place to create a true browsing experience. Something more than just an informative website.
  • The separate and customized content management is another "lesson" that you can learn from digital influencers. If you want to publish different types of content on your site (blogs, videos, images, podcasts, etc.), do so in order to give each of them the right space and emphasis through an ad hoc design, and then without massing them in one place .
  • Finally, did you notice the way digital influencers collect their leads? If you notice, they always use very simple banners with great visual impact, combined with a copy that aims to make the user feel special, privileged, and unique. In this way they succeed in expanding their audience to excess.

In the same way you can do it with your site or that of your customers. Give it a go!

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