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Different Types of Essays a Student Needs to Draft During an Academic Period

This article provides information about various types of essays that a student might need to draft during his academic period.

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Essays are very common homework that every student gets during his academic time. While other homework must be a bit boring to do, doing essays are sometimes fun. The length of the essay totally depends on the field in which you are or the purpose of your writing.

But do you know that besides the length of essays, one more point needs to be known about essay writing? This is the type of essay you are writing. There are basically five types of essays that you must be aware of. Essay writing help can be acquired with the knowledge of types of essays. So without much delay, here is a description of the five types of essays,

Expository essays
The most detailed and time-consuming essay is expository essays. They are written with the purpose of discussing a particular problem, explain a topic, or compare certain aspects. They can further be categorized as- interpretation, definition, cause-and-effect, response, and analysis. While we are working on this particular type, we must be concise, and our writing should be easy to understand. We can further extend our views and other opinions on that subject.

Descriptive essays
It is written with the purpose of describing a particular thing. These things might be an object, a person’s characteristic, feeling, or any other descriptive thing. One needs to give a detailed explanation of it. The description should be in a form that the reader feels that he is in the scene.

Narrative essays
Narration is what we all are aware of. It means that we are telling a story considering a certain viewpoint, or we have a reason for the narration. The reason for the narration should be evident in our essay, and the reader must connect to the story we are telling, not merely read it. It should have emotions and sentiments. Every narrative essay must have some characters, a climax to end it, and a strong plot to bind the reader.

Compare and contrast essays
As the name suggests, it is written to compare and make a contrast between two things. In this, mostly two topics are studied at a single time. We need to pen the similarities i.e., compare and also the difference i.e., contrast two things. These things can be a type of two products or classification of a particular thing.

Persuasive or argumentative essays
It is written to justify or falsify an argument. The writer needs to give proper statistical data to prove their statement. The arguments must be driven by experts or taken from reliable sources. This kind of essay writing requires you to do complete research before starting with the writing work.

“The scariest moment is just before you start.” So just pick your pen or switch on your laptop and start writing your essay with this simple overview of the types of essays. This will help you to pen down the essays with ease and have a grip over what needs to be written in a particular topic.

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