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Common problems students face while writing a dissertation

Dissertations are research completed projects that are done as an assignment at college and university level.

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What are dissertations? 

Dissertations are research completed projects that are done as an assignment at college and university level. The dissertation can also be called a long essay. Many students deem it as the most difficult assignment as it requires a lot of effort and you have to put in a lot of time. It can be quite bothersome for students doing it for the first time. It tests many skills of the students and at times you even have to get a dissertation proposal approved before working on your actual dissertation as it can go wrong many times and there are lots of complications. Because of its difficulty, many students face a lot of problems when they start writing their dissertations. Here we are going to take a closer look at the complications:

  • Selecting a topic.

Many instructors leave it on the students to select a topic of their own, this is what becomes challenging as many students find it very difficult to select a certain topic. Selecting a topic that is unique and not overused can be very problematic as many people have been studying the same thing for many years and have come up with similar research topics. More so, selecting a wrong topic is very likely as some topics are extremely narrow and don’t have much material to talk on whereas some topics are excessively broad and you cannot cover each and every aspect in a satisfactory manner. To find the perfect topic you must narrow down all your options and do a little research on all of them to see what topic has the most adequate amount of material to write and do further research on.

  • Extensive research.

To write a dissertation you need to do extensive research. Without research, you can possibly not write the dissertations at all.  To write a dissertation you need to hit the libraries and do very comprehensive google research. You may have to read scholarly articles and long researches to be able to gather enough material for your dissertation. You must also be very careful when researching as it must be a reliable source you can cite in your dissertation.

  • Insufficient planning.

You must plan your dissertation before writing it. Every piece of writing requires a solid structure. You must take a blank paper and start planning the things you must include when writing your paper. Chronologically arrange them like how an essay progresses. If your planning is weak, it will show in your dissertation. Your writing plan helps you sick to the point and makes sure that you are not missing out on anything important. You can always refer back to the plan when writing your dissertation.

  • Writing the dissertation.

Writing your dissertation is probably the most difficult task. It requires great skill to be able to write technically. There are many factors to keep in check when writing a dissertation. To start your dissertation, you must begin with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that introduces your topic and the points that you are going to make. It is a very important sentence as it hooks your reader and makes them keep reading. It should not be a vague statement but a to the point one. It should be very direct and must state your topic and your approach to it in a proper manner. Furthermore, you need to have a great command over the language. If you are an ESL speaker, writing a dissertation can be an even bigger challenge for you. To write a dissertation you need to use impeccable language and perfect grammar. At this level, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. You may also need to use field related jargon in your dissertation as it is a requirement and will make your dissertation more quality. You must at all costs ignore using improper language and slang words as this are certainly not acceptable by the teachers.

  • Proper referencing.

Referencing is very important and many students struggle with properly referencing their papers. This is very crucial as many teachers a lot of marks for this aspect. Your teacher must have already specified the referencing style you need to follow. There are different styles, for example, APA, MLA or even Chicago style. One more difficulty can be when you don’t know how to reference your paper properly. You can ask your friends to help you out with that or even learn online how to properly reference your paper. But make sure you’re doing it right as you may lose some easy to gain marks.

  • Management of time.

Time management plays a crucial role in the writing and submission of dissertations. It already takes a long time to write the dissertation itself, but if you procrastinate and don’t begin it time you’ll be in grave danger. It is understandable that you have many other assignments and things that require your immediate attention but your dissertation is equally important. If you are a student with a part-time job you may face extreme difficulties as you have your job, classes and then assignments and term papers. You’re already on a tight schedule and cannot afford to waste time or use it improperly. You need to manage your time so that none of your work is neglected. What you can do is make a schedule and allow sufficient time to every activity, be realistic and don’t have very high expectations. Also don’t forget to include breaks in between, as you will become overworked and will not be efficient in anything you do.

All of these problems are a college student’s nightmare as dissertations are already very detailed pieces of writing and then you face such problems when writing them. Students who lack in the skill of technical writing face great difficulty and are often demotivated to write the dissertation as they know they won’t be able to justice to them. Furthermore, students, with part-time jobs also find it increasingly difficult to manage time and give first priority to the dissertation. For such students, there are many dissertation writing services that will help you with your dissertation. Many such academic writing websites are very helpful for struggling students. These websites have professional writers on their team and can provide you tailored help. from topic selection to research and finally the writing, these dissertation writing help services are a Godsend. You can order their services very easily with just a few clicks and can talk to their representative if you have any questions. However, when selecting any academic writing help you must be very careful and only select the most reliable website.

A reliable website will provide you a tailor-made dissertation within a reasonable amount. They must not overcharge you. Similarly, plagiarism is a great risk, choose a website that has strict rules against it. It should ensure that no content will be copied. Similarly, direct contact with the writer is a must and will help you get all your instructions clearly communicated. So choose a website that fits your expectations properly.

If you are a struggling student and are unable to write your dissertation yourself there’s no harm in taking help from a professional, it will be a great learning experience for you.


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