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Classroom Guide: Elements That Evoke the Intelligence of Students

No matter how hard we try being a teacher, we lack the ability to grab and sustain students' attention throughout the lecture.

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No matter how hard we try being a teacher, we lack the ability to grab and sustain students' attention throughout the lecture. The problem lies in our system and the manner we deliver the subject. Nobody, not even adults can grasp such a huge amount of information, our teachers provide during a single class of only thirty-five to forty minutes.

Certain ways are there that can bring a sense of responsibility while triggering the interest level among students to discover more about the topic you are discussing. The kids of the twenty-first century are smarter than ever. They do not like to be in control let alone lectured for there every act. Instead, they want things to be in their control. The basic strategy to drive the best out of your students is by following the guidelines listed below and plotting your day or your subject period according to it, do check it out:

Student Voice

When beginning a chapter first try to gather what your students think of the chapter. Try to know what their misconceptions or knowledge is about. Then mold it and shape it in the right way. Never add your perspectives always try to first deliver what’s written and what’s more factual.

Students Choice

If you find your students to lack interest you can try to do something else rather than forcing your pupils to learn what you ask me to. In this way, they will divert their creativity instead of starring on the board monotonously.

Critical Thinking

Especially in subjects like science, it is recommended by many online universities to practice some critical thinking. This will open up the minds of your students and infuse a spirit of evaluation in them. They will think of possible ways and evaluate every aspect of the subject. Never ask them to simply copy and paste what you write, compel them to bring something new and to show a newer side of the topic or the discussions.


Well there are many aspects of teaching smarting but the last one I would quote here is a self-assessment. Your students must be aware to assess themselves and to identify their mistakes all on their own. Think about the future, you will not be there to guide them. They have to lead their own lives so why not now?

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