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A Complete Structure of English Essay Writing Task

This article talks about the structure which one should follow while writing the essay. The structure includes three parts.

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One of the quotes by Shakespeare, "The pen is mightier than the sword," but only the pen is not going to work; you should know how to write effectively. We all get influenced by the thoughts of the renowned poets, but inspiration alone is not key, good English essay writing is required. Essay writing is not a daunting task, but you should know the writing tactics to write the essay.

We are here to guide you about the structure of English essay writing.


  • The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to tell your idea or viewpoint. At the same time, it is a mandatory paragraph that must be included in every essay.
  • Your viewpoint or the idea should be so strong that the reader urges to read the entire essay.
  • Your aim should be to hook the reader's attention. The essay should be clear and include one sentence explanation to avoid confusion for the reader while reading it.
  • Finally, your last sentence should be written in a way that adds value to your essay. Your introduction should not pass more than 3 to 4 lines if you are making it longer than edit it a bit.

The Body Paragraph 

  • The middle paragraph is collectively known as body paragraphs. The main purpose of the body paragraph is to elaborate on the details which will support your essay.
  • For the first body paragraph, strong arguments should be used.
  • You should site examples with the flow to show the relevancy of your essay. If you are using the examples, then support it with the relevant context. The importance of examples cannot be understated. You can seal the deal by supporting the content with the relevant examples.


  • The conclusion paragraph comes at the end of the essay, but it should not look like an afterthought. It is your last chance to make the case, and don't forget to follow the rigid format.
  • The other way you can think is to look at it as a second introduction because it includes the same features. Make sure it is not too long; it would be more than enough to use 4-5 sentences. These four lines will break or make your essay.
  • You should repeat the main purpose of writing down the essay. It is acceptable if you use the statement which you have mentioned above in the introduction. After you are done with this, the final statement should be the global statement that will give the audience a hint that we have to end the discussion.
  • This is the main structure which one should follow with the English essay writing. This is a structure that is followed in every essay. While writing the essay, you should be clear to write an amazing essay.

Summary: This article talks about the structure which one should follow while assignment writing the essay. The structure includes three parts- Introduction, body of paragraph, and conclusion. Read this article to know who to frame the essay in a correct manner.

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