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7 Words & Phrases to Miss for Preparing an Award-Winning Dissertation!

Summary: Online dissertation writing experts shed light on 7 words & phrases that students must avoid for preparing attractive dissertation.

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Dissertation writing is a formal way to communicate/express your thoughts and opinions on a research topic. Therefore, it is essential that you use technical terms rather than informal words/phrases in your research paper. Are you wondering- what are the phrases or words that need to be avoided for good grades? If the answer is a big ‘YES’ from your side, then online dissertation writing experts are here to assist you big times.  

Hello, students! Welcome to the piece of information which highlights 7 wrongly-used words. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab a cup of coffee and start reading the page further!  

Which Are Some of the Wrongly-Used Words & Phrases in Dissertation Writing? Here’s the Answer!

Contractions: Exclude contractions from your dissertation. A contraction is a simplified version of a word, syllable, or word group, written and spoken forms created by the removal of internal letters and sounds.

  • Can’t = can not
  • isn't = is not
  • doesn't = does not

Slangs: You should stop using slang words when writing a document. According to the online dissertation writing experts, slang term is an informal language composed of words and expressions not considered suitable for formal occasions. Instead, take alternatives.

  • kind of = somewhat significant
  • basically = fundamentally
  • a couple of = several

Colloquialisms: Keep back from colloquialisms. It is the most common variety of a language used in informal situations, which is usually used in conversation or other communication.

  • to get through it = to survive
  • to get out of hand = to be no longer under control

Clichés: Clichés are not suitable for dissertation writing. A cliché is considered as an expression or idea that had become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, particularly when at some earlier time, it was considered meaningful or novel.

  • ring down the curtain = to end or to finish something
  • in the twinkling of an eye = immediately, instantly

Unsophisticated Words: Avoid words that are unfashionable. Due to their simplicity, certain words are not appropriate while writing a dissertation. Applying a large number of simple terms will give an impression of a paper that is of low quality.

  • Figure 1 shows spores in good condition.
  • Figure 2 illustrates the well-preserved spores.

Redundancy: The online dissertation writing helpers advice students to be vigilant about redundancy. Don't overflow with unnecessary words on the sentences. Expressing the concept concisely is much more critical than filling out a page with text. For instance:

The experiment has been repeated yet again.

"Repeat again" is a repetition, as the verb "repeat" means some action that has been performed over and over again, and the word "again" is not required.

Commonly Misused Words: Be mindful of frequently misused words. Always remember that some words can be used inappropriately. "Methodology," for example, is the method of study or discussion. It is commonly used as a pretentious synonym for "method."

Wrapping Up All!!!

This brings us to the end of the write-up. Reading so far, you must have known the 7 words & phrases that students must avoid in order to draft an impeccable piece of paper. However, if you still fail to write a flawless paper, then consider seeking online dissertation writing help from a reliable and trusted academic writing website.  

About the Author: Casey Floyd is a full-time online assignment help service provider currently associated with Global Assignment Help Australia. She is an MBA graduate and has helped many students by providing online assignment help. An avid reader, she loves to read fiction novels.

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