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Staying healthy and fit is one of the most common issues faced by university and college going students.

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Staying healthy and fit is one of the most common issues faced by university and college going students. For them, it is easier to live on frozen pizza instead of making a warm home-cooked meal due to the time constraints. Also, the required ingredients and contents to prepare a healthy meal are now too expensive compared to burgers and chocolates.

Nevertheless, it is important to maintain a healthy body to avoid falling sick. University life demands and expects students to be fit and healthy as it requires students to be active and quick. For instance, students have to carry out various shifts as a part-time job to support themselves. Along with that, they have to be attentive in all their classes, finish assignments on time, and be fully prepared for their quizzes and exams. All of these requirements can be tough to handle. Therefore, students forget about their physical well-being and end up putting on unhealthy amounts of weight.

However, to help you stay fit at the university, the following are some tips which you can incorporate in your daily routine.


Thousands of years ago, a famous philosopher said, “Walking is a man’s best medicine.” since then, researchers and scientists have given a thumbs up to this theory. Education is a field which demands attention and focus. Students spend hours sitting in one position which not only is harmful to body posture but is potentially bad for muscles as well. Walking has proved to be an exceptional way to reduce the risks of getting any cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. It prevents the body from strokes and heart attacks.

A person with high cholesterol or high blood pressure level is advised by doctors to walk at least thirty minutes a day. Walking helps in reducing muscle pain and provides strength and endurance. Walking also showcases great results in reducing fats and making bones stronger. Now walking doesn’t mean running a marathon; in fact, it’s the simple act that every student should inculcate in their daily routine like taking the stairs, walking their dog, walking to local shops, or even walking home from campus or work.


Considering the amount of workload on students, avoiding stress is easier said than done. Stress can be caused by financial issues, relationship problems, or dealing with assignments and quizzes in university. All these factors are a huge part of a student’s life. However, we’re all so used to being stressed all the time that recognizing its symptoms at an early stage is almost impossible. There are many symptoms of stress. For example; feeling the loss of control, feeling agitated and frustrated, avoiding close family and friends, insomnia, upset stomach, muscle and joint pain, frequent flu, headaches, constant worrying, inability to focus and many others. It is necessary to keep a check on these symptoms as in the long run, these issues can turn into major mental health, and physical problems. Therefore, students must be aware of stress coping strategies. This may include, getting enough sleep at night, controlling caffeine intake, managing time, socializing with friends, and indulging in physical activities.


This is something that students don’t give enough attention to. It is essential that students go for regular medical check-ups if they find anything suspicious and abnormal. Also, immediately consult with a doctor in case of feeling physically weak for a prolonged period.


Naps may have felt like a punishment as a child, but as an adult, they are a blessing and to be completely honest, a privilege. Throughout the academic journey, sleep is the factor that gets most affected. Students are constantly bombarded with assignments and assessments due to which they work day and night. Even when they find the time, they prefer binge-watching TV shows instead of getting a considerable amount of sleep. Due to lack of sleep, students suffer from tremendous mental and physical health issues. It affects their metabolism, memory, mood, concentration, hormones, and immune system.


The lifestyle of university students is extremely unhealthy. They live on frozen food, pizza, burgers, cereals, chips, and chocolates. This selection of food has various side effects on the body and can lead to long-term health problems. Students don’t find the time or the energy to cook balanced meals.

However, there is an option for fresh juices, fruits, and vegetable which don’t necessarily require hours of preparation. Students should add whole grains, lean proteins, and avoid processed food and artificial sweeteners in their meal plan. This way, they will observe an increase in focus, attention, while maintaining a healthy approach to life.

Because of multiple morning classes, students prefer to skip the most important meal of the day which is breakfast.  A healthy breakfast ensures optimal results. Similarly, drinking at least twelve glasses of water every day results in good eyesight, prevent headaches, and flushes out toxins out of the body. Water intake is essential for maintaining a healthy body, and it serves as a natural cleanser as well.


Not everyone is talented enough to enter the Olympics or take part in a marathon, but it doesn’t mean that you should n’t join the sports club at your university. Sports is itself a great activity to keep yourself both mentally and physically healthy. Students who join sports club always perform better and stay fresh and active.


Students are living on monthly budgets. They work extra hours to afford necessities. Thus, getting a gym membership would mean extra shifts. However, with the advancement in technology, students can now watch a tutorial on YouTube and follow the instructions in the comfort of their home. Also, they can simply use their campus for walking and stairs to do cardio.

All that is needed is to pick a mat and start exercising; all the other things will automatically fall into place once the drive and motivation to stay fit are already present.

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