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6 Important Qualities Admission Officers Look for in MBA Application Essay

This article highlights 6 qualities that officers look for in an MBA application essay.

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Many students prepare to apply for top MBA programs. They dream of getting admission in B-school, such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, London business school, University of Pennsylvania, University of Cambridge, and more. But before applying, you should know that it all will start with a brilliant MBA application essay. Every MBA program has different tasks to do. Some require students to write MBA personal statement, MBA personal essay, and others. Whatever be the case, you need to submit an excellent essay that makes your MBA application stand out from the rest.

Now, drafting an impressive application essay is a complex job but with a little MBA essay help from qualified writers, you can increase the chance of getting your application accepted by admission officers and get admission in the top MBA university of your choice. Every year, top B-schools receive thousands of applications, the competition is getting tougher. The only way to stay ahead is to produce a top-notch MBA essay. The MBA essay should have some qualities and this article lists them down. The admission officers greatly look for these 6 qualities in the MBA application essay. So make sure that you feature them while writing an MBA essay.

  • Leadership- For many students, it’s hard to convince admission officers that they have leadership qualities.  They need to mention their leadership achievements rather than the individual. Some students get confused between individual and leadership stories. Leadership achievements are those results that you did not achieve on your own. It is the way of achieving the objectives with the help of other people.
  • Ideal communication- An MBA applicant should be a good communicator. He should present this skill in the essay. He should be able to communicate his thoughts, ideas, and plan effectively. You should not be an expert but share thoughts in a clear manner.
  • Collaborative working style- An applicant who has a collaborative working style is considered as a team player. He will work effectively with other team players. B-schools like to see that you work for the success of the others and contribute to their growth.
  • Creativity- You should be able to deal with new situations. Use your knowledge and skills in a unique way to find a solution. You should see the world in a whole new way and should design and develop something innovative and unique.
  • Self-awareness- You should know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to learn from your mistakes. You should grow without limitations. The admission officers test your self-knowledge and to succeed in the application process, you should understand yourself and express your ideas effectively to officers.
  • Honesty- Admission officers are interested to know about your character. They want to know if you have built trust with people and fulfilled the promise you made to them and to yourself or not.

If you have read the article and reflected on the qualities, then you can show them in the application essay. You are also one step close to drafting an excellent essay.

About the Author:
Gracy is an academic assignment writer working with Global Assignment Help Australia. He is qualified and a skilled writer. He helps students to write essays, assignments, case studies, and research papers. Besides his work, he plays guitar, learns a new skill, listen to music, reads books, and spends time with family.

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