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5 Ultra Modern Hacks to Code Better for PHP Assignment

Only a better code can impress the professor and instigate him to reward you an A+. Therefore, this article brings to the fore some hacks .

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PHP means the professor's hunter to punish the students. Well, this is not our definition of this wonderful coding language, it's the way your fellow students define it. According to them, coding in PHP is the toughest thing to do on the Earth. Even after applying all their intelligence, they fail to write a grade-worthy document. Then, when the professor rewards them with mediocre grades, they think the assignment is a hunter used by the professor to punish them for the nuisance created in class. 

Do you also have the same thoughts? If yes, then please stop thinking this way. PHP assignment is given to prepare you for future coding challenges. If you write clear and better codes for the assignment, then no one on this planet can stop you from becoming a ninja coder and getting the grade of your dreams. Wondering how to write such code? Well, doing so is as easy as making noodles. All you need are the ultra-modern hacks shared by us through this article. You're excited to know them, right? Well, for knowing them to read the next section without losing your focus.

5 Ultra- Modern Hacks to Write a Better PHP Code

Without wasting the valuable time, here we share the hacks you need to rock the PHP assignment. Go through them carefully.

Hack # 1 Stop using relative paths
Most of the students have a habit of using relative paths in their code. If you are also one of them, then please stop doing it as it makes the code slow. The professor hates slow-performing codes. Wondering what to do? Well, instead of the relative paths, define the ROOT path to make it better.

Hack # 2 Make the functions flexible
What most of the students do to add multiple items in their code? Well, they create more functions. According to the leading PHP assignment writing service providers, this is not how things should be done. Instead of creating more functions, you can code better by making the existing codes flexible to incorporate new items.

Hack # 3 Remove the closing PHP tag
The students love ending their PHP scripts with a closing tag. But, this tag becomes the reason for most of the error messages they get while executing the code. Therefore, to keep errors at a bay and make it better, remove the tags from the script's end.

Hack # 4 Do the output buffering
Do you know what output buffering means? Well, it implies storing the output data in one place. This helps you code clean and better. Therefore, inculcate a habit of doing the output buffering.

Hack # 5 Use frameworks with caution
Frameworks such as Laravel or Cake PHP help you code easily. But, their improper use makes the code unnecessarily complex. You should use them with caution. Avoid using them if the code is a small one. Doing so will keep the code simple and make it better.  

Now, are you ready to amaze the professor with your coding skills in the PHP assignment? We hope you are. But, if we're wrong and you still find it difficult to write better codes for the document, then, please practice these hacks to get the much-needed confidence. Lastly, it's time for us to wave goodbye, with a wish that may you achieve all your dreams.

About the author: Casey Floyd is an ardent programmer and an academic writer associated with Global Assignment Help Australia. She spends her free time reading, researching, traveling and teaching underprivileged children. Further, many students have availed the assignment writing services provided by her and got their dream grades.

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