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4 Different Types of Activities That Improve Essay Writing Skills

This article presents four activities that can help students enhance their essay writing skills to get good grades.

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Writing is a difficult job. Everyone cannot become proficient at writing extraordinary content without practising it hard; be it is the academic documents or a piece of literature. Many are gifted with this skillset; still, they have to practice to become perfect in writing. If you also want to learn this skill so that you can score good grades in essays and won’t require taking essay writing services from professionals, then you need to get indulged in four different types of activities.

4 Daily Activities That Can Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

1. Collaboration– Studies say that collaboration improves many skills in college-goers. Although it has some adverse effects, positive results are enough to sideline the negativity. Therefore, college and universities are now trying to engage students in group work which is quite beneficial for them. If no such facility is available at your institution, then you can try it on your own. Create a group of friend and start working in a group to avail its maximum benefits.

2. Creating Something New– Retrieving and synthesizing knowledge is an effective way to create new things and generate fresh ideas. Collaborate with your peers to try something new in the assignments. Apart from this, reading books, programming something on a computer or writing a question paper can improve your creativity and give you a platform to demonstrate your talent.

3. Investigate the Work – Once you have written an essay, present it to the group as you cannot be the best evaluator of your work. Let them investigate your work to find something innovative from it. A study has shown that through this informal pattern of education, students learn lots of things, and they even develop critical thinking ability.

4. Present Work for Criticism – Critics is not bad always. In fact, in most cases, it helps in advancing things. Students are the best critics, they do not only have the potential to find out what is wrong, but they also know well what is causing it and how to fix it. For example, a student can present a badly written essay or any other thing like programming code, a problem of mathematics for the critical evaluation. And while working on the same, everyone in the group will learn something new. Group work helps in faster and long-lasting learning. Nevertheless, it is not easy to engage friends in group learning because of preconceived notions. This can be done by gradually involving students in group work.

Students can learn how to write and improve their essay writing skills to the level of professionals by including these activities in their daily routine. You can start with fun work like playing games in a group, doing projects, going for an outing, etc. The added advantage of group work is that you get lots of learning from the same. In addition to teaching various academic skills, it also prepares students for professional life as they have to work in a group there. It teaches soft skills, employability skills, etc.

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