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4 Academic Writing Tricks from Assignment Writers to Reduce Word Count!

The article sheds light on 4 tricks by assignment writers for limiting the word count of the writing tasks.

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Assignment writing is an important part of any academic course. However, not every student is good at writing, and thus, they require assignment writers to finish the work effectively. Moreover, there are students who somehow manage to complete an assignment but secure low grades. They put their heart and soul to draft an engaging assignment, follow every rule, and use beautiful words to explain things. But, they still fail to secure an A+. The reason is simple: after completing the work, they realize that the document has exceeded the word count limit. Now, cutting down words is the most painful thing to do in an academic writing paper. When the deadline is near, the process of reducing word count is even more stressful, and students tend to make mistakes. To help you with this process, here is an article to read.

 The article will present a few tricks that you can use to quickly strengthen your content, meet the deadline, and word count limit.  These ticks are from renowned assignment writers. Do remember them and follow them. Let’s list them below:

  • Remove ‘The’- Sometimes, students use ‘the’ word in the sentence twice in a row. They can delete ‘the’ word from the sentence without losing the meaning of the sentence. It will help you reduce the length of the sentence without modifying the meaning.
  • For example: The clarity of an assignment depends on both the style and the content.
  • Edited: The clarity of an assignment depends on both style and content.
  • Delete ‘That’- Similarly, there is another word more often used in the assignment, viz., ‘that.’ Students can delete it with ease. Students need to be careful while deleting 'that' word; otherwise, the sentence may lose its meaning. 
  • For example: Students realized that that plan would not be acceptable to the professors.
  • Edited: Students realized that the plan would not be acceptable to the professors.
  • Erase Adverbs- Students can easily delete adverbs in assignments. Professionals believe that they weaken the academic writing tasks. It damages the sentence meaning and can distract a reader. Look for the word ‘very’ & adverbs ending with ‘ly,’ and see if you can replace them with an alternative word with clear meaning like ‘drop rapidly’ with ‘plummet,’ ‘run quickly with ‘sprint,’ ‘say quietly’ with ‘whisper,’ ‘very big’ with ‘enormous,’ ‘very tired’ with exhausted,’ and more. Take professional help from assignment writers, if required.
  • Delete Helping Words– To remove helping words from the sentence, students need to practice a bit and require time to learn it. It will greatly help to reduce the word count. Sentences with words like ‘be’ or ‘have’ can be modified or rearranged to limit word count.
  • For example: The report was prepared by computer science students
  • Edited: Computer science students prepared the report.


After reading the article, you must have understood the tricks that can help you to reduce the assignment’s word count. You can refer to more examples to get a clear idea. You can also take help from assignment writers to learn from scratch. Whenever you exceed the word limit, just apply these tricks quickly.

About the Author:

Peter Wilson is an online assignment writing help service provider working with Assignment Prime for 3 years. He has served the writing industry for several years and has rich academic knowledge. He uses his expertise to offer online assignment help to the students. When he is not working, he enjoys playing basketball, cycling, gardening, listening to music, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

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