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20 Foods That You Should Avoid For A Healthy And Productive Student Life

If you are having a practise of daily intake of these unhealthy food then you may try their alternatives to keep your life safe and healthy.

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Do you know what foods are bad for you? Well! This section is writing especially to educate you about the unhealthy food you take in your daily life. Here is a list of unhealthy food that you should avoid as much as you can in order to avoid chronic diseases and to do weight loss:

Cheesy Pizzas: 

The most popular and loved food of the most youngster nowadays is pizza. No doubt pizza is a tasty and irresistible, yet it is extremely high in calories that leads to rapid fat gaining. The alternative of pizza is to make homemade hygienic base out of cauliflower topped with baby rocket spinach and low fat cheese.

Sugary Drink: 

It is an old myth that having juicing may lose your weight while there is a lot of calories in sugary juices. An alternative to juicy drink is to drink water, lemon tea and green tea or you can do little efforts of extracting pure nectar at home.

Industrial Vegetable Oil: 

It is a research that for last 100 years people have develop the habit of in-taking fats in the form of industrial oil that has rich omega-6 fatty acid. It increases the risk of cancers. An alternative to industrial vegetable oil you may take olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil.

White Bread:

White bread has high amount of pure protein gluten. It has high chances of celiac disease occurrence that is dangerous for your brain. An alternative to white bread is whole grain bread or brown bread that has comparatively low fats. While you are taking care of your brain health due to gluten free bread allow some essay writing help online to take of your writing issue by providing the best essay writing services in a comparatively low price.

French Fries and Potato Chips:

The most liked side meal in the entire world is French fries, which has the highest weight gaining components in it. An alternative to French fries is boiled mashed potatoes with little spicy. But if you want some crunch in your meal then you may go for baby carrots or you can have nuts.

Cookie, pastries and cakes: 

The unhealthiest food that is preferred on every occasion is cake, pastries and ginger breads etc. They are full of calories with high potency of getting trans fats. An alternate to cake and pastries may be homemade muffins or cupcake that has low calories. 


Ice-cream is the most like desert among amongst people belonging to all age group. However, ice cream is made from full fat which is unhealthy for everyone. To make it healthy, you can make free the yogurt, cut fresh fruits in it and a dash of honey or another alternative can be sugar free ice-cream or chilled lime water.

Gluten free Junk Food: 

Gluten free food has a comparatively high amount of sugar, oil, starch or tapioca starch that increases sugar in your blood with extremely low nutrients. An alternate to junk food is homemade fancy food as turkey, homemade zinger burger or Chinese.

Candy Bar: 

Candy bar is the most liked food among children all over the world, it has high amount of sugar and gluten in it. An alternative to candies is blueberries and strawberries.


It is an alternative to butter but it has trans-fat ingredient that cause weight gaining. An alternate to margarine is the real butter name of cow milk that is on grass-fed.

Fruit juice:

It is a common assumption of taking juicy fruits for a healthy diet, but some fruit juice contain preservatives more than Coke or Pepsi. An alternate to fruit juice is real and fresh blueberry or pomegranate juice.

Low Fat Yogurt:

Yogurt is a healthy food but frozen yogurt available in department stores have no probiotic bacteria for fermentation in order to kill bacteria. An alternative to low fat yogurt is to use fresh full–fat yogurt that contains probiotic bacteria in it.

 High Calorie Coffee: 

It is an old myth that drinking coffee is not good for health, but indeed it is overloaded with antioxidants. The only bad thing affiliated with coffee is artificial cream and tons of sugar in your coffee. An alternative to avoid unhealthy ingredients of coffee is to drink black coffee with low quantity of sugar. 

If you are having a practise of daily intake of these unhealthy food then you may try their alternatives to keep your life safe and healthy.

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Every food that are mentioned above are really bad for the student life as it makes them feel lazy and can damage their health which will directly affect the performance of the students. So to be active and want to achieve good grades it is essential to have a healthy diet. At some of the food are mention which are good to be consumed for students.

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