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Maximum utilization of time and space - Cornell

Provide 24/7, 365 days service to reduce duration, include sponsored ads to cover tuition, convert space to restaurants when not in use.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it reimagine the cost of college?

Target audience is school authorities and companies. Schools are redesigned to become multi-purpose (classrooms during day, fancy restaurants during the evenings) so there are multiple revenue streams. Classrooms will have display ads, sponsored by firms and video ads during breaks - together these ads sponsor each class/professor, thus reducing overall costs

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm
  • A student collaboration

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Photo of Austin

This is a great idea, I think that you should find away to make this idea truly possible!

Photo of Shane Zhao

Interesting idea Yoshie! It'd be great if you might share a bit more about how this idea can work by adding more content to the Full Description section of your submission. i.e. what type of companies would be incentivized to sponsor these types of multi-purpose spaces? what other spaces besides classrooms can be repurposed?

Photo of Yoshie Shigiya

Thank you for encouraging us think further. 

Photo of Alexandra Alden

Hi Yoshie! Alex here from Path to Pitching, good start! To get your idea pitch ready you'll need to get out in the community and talk to your users to validate your problem and customers. Once you've done that start prototyping as soon as possible. Check out our Human Centered Milestones, we created them to help you develop your idea:

Photo of Yoshie Shigiya

Thank you for suggesting us Human Centered Milestones, Alex. I am excited to know that you created more useful tool from the process written in "Creative Confidence". 

Photo of Tracy Brandenburg

Super creative! I love that you asked "What else can a university be besides a university?" And your team is so right: spaces are available 24/7! Classrooms are empty, cafeterias are closed, etc. It's an invitation to ideate on how companies and universities can collaborate. Often companies just visit when it's time to recruit, but what if they had more of a presence on campus, they they could begin their work together long before students graduate? I could imagine companies embedded on student teams to develop new products and services; or investors sponsoring pop up stores or restaurants with our hospitality school to test entrepreneurial prototypes. Companies could pay for access to the brain power that students and profs bring and students won't have to wait until they get into the "real world" to understand what companies are truly looking for.

Photo of Yoshie Shigiya

Thank you,Tracy. Although we were thinking something like "part-time restaurant", when we think back to the feature of the university, the collective intelligence, our idea would  be more feasible if we add a concept of testing entrepreneurial prototypes.