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A High School University

Creating a high school system that allows students to learn about different majors that are offered by university

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it reimagine the cost of college?

The target audience for this idea would be high schools and universities. By working with multiple universities, high schools would be able to better prepare students to select a major that's right for them.

By graduating a year late, students incur additional cost in lost wages and school expenses.There are many students who do not graduate on time because they are changing majors multiple times trying to find the one that's right for them.  My idea is aimed at high schools and how they can become integrated with the college system to help students avoid the extra cost of not graduating on time.

By making high schools similar to the college system of allowing student to choose between different areas of study, students would have a better understanding of different majors and would be less-likely to change major when going to college. If the student already have a good understanding on what they would like to major in, this would be a great way for them to obtain early college-level experience within their field of study at no additional cost.

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How are you going to convert your idea into reality is not explained here well. Which high schools you want to start with , are you in contact with one of the high school , what are your steps ?

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