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Workout for a Goal.

There must be a goal to achieve and be constantly reminded of it.

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I think we all want to be healthier but sometimes ( or too many times ) temptation gets in the way.

At least that´s what happens to me. I want to be fit and healthier by the time I turn 30 but I really love food ( desserts ) and this is an everyday struggle.  

I´ve been going to the nutritionist, going to crossfit classes and try to constantly remind myself why i´m doing these changes.

What I have done so far is that I mark on a calendar the days that I have done my diet correctly and the days that I work out. That way I can see every morning and night if I´m doing what it takes to get to my goal.

Another thing is that my phone´s wallpaper has a picture of someone working out with a quote that says ´´ You can do it if you believe you can ´´, that also helps a little. 

But I feel that there should be like a stronger support system. Maybe a community with whom I could tell my goals and write whenever I feel that I´m about to eat something that I shouldn´t or skip a day at the gym.  Maybe that way I could keep on track a little easier.


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Hi Lily,

I have the same problem-food is too good. When I realized this I decided to buy a fitbit. I didn't work out more, I just felt less bad about myself because I was reaching my daily goals, but I felt that I could be doing more.

When you were referring to a stronger community, what if their was a community that was collectively working towards the same goal. Maybe for example, lose 20 pounds to raise awareness for cancer. Some of my fellow student hike the Adirondack 46 high peaks for Autism Awareness. They gained a ton of support via social media and they accomplished their goal last summer. If this was brought down on a smaller scale, but still had the community outreach I think that this could help motivate people like you and me to exercise more.

I hope this helped boost some ideas! Let me know if I can help in any way.

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