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Which Health Issues are Central in 2015?

We have tried to make our suggestions about the health issues most important in 2015.

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We can only predict the range of different health problems waiting for us in 2105. The Mother Nature likes surprises and all our predictions can be erroneous. However, we have tried to make our suggestions about the health issues most important in 2015.

    We have to pay more attention to our mental health. Different wars, economic instabilities and other things are not very useful for our health and cause depression, stress, dementia and other mental disorders. The task of different countries (rich or low-income) is the concentration on mental health services to prepare educated social workers, psychiatrists, etc.

    What is the more dangerous disease than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis? It is cancer which kills thousands of people in middle and low-income countries. The reason is that these countries do not invest enough in this sphere. Therefore, this disease stays one of the most widely spread on our planet.

    There are a lot of strategies designed to stop AIDS. They have to be applied very soon to stop this epidemic, because millions of people do not even imagine they are HIV-positive and can be dangerous for others. We have to do something in 2015 to change this situation.

    The science of family planning is very popular today and with the help of it many women and girls know about modern methods of contraception. It also averts millions unintended pregnancies and saves lives. Moreover, family planning is developing in the countries of the third world which is very encouraging.

    The development of different technologies makes it easier to provide a qualified health care even in the most isolated areas. The application of mobile technologies in different countries will help to improve the level of health care and help the greater number of people.

    Many illnesses like mumps, measles, polio, etc. were the threat for many people in 2014. All these illnesses can be prevented with the help of vaccines. So, we have to focus on the global health security and surveillance. The whole world should unite to create the appropriate laws and systems to improve the effectiveness of the health security.

    Civil unrests, wars and terrorism do not add positive influence on our health. The destruction of hospitals and murders of health workers can be found in different parts of the world. The laws should be created to protect health workers and their patients in such conditions.

    The world continue to fight with Ebola virus in 2015. The most important will be also the consequences of this epidemic in different spheres of our life.

    Global leaders are developing a new list of objectives for global health development. Their most important aim is the universal health coverage in the future.

    Experienced and educated health workers are central in every health system. Their work and lives should become the priority in the development of different health systems.    

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    Stacy Green is keen on blogger interested in health, ecological, educational issues and freelancer at where she helps students to improve academic writing skills.


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