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"What you put in your Head is more powerful than what you put in your mouth." - Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson's inspiring story of how she "Shifted" into a healthy lifestyle.

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Tory Johnson's book is not just about losing weight, it is about the mental shift she made towards living a healthier life. Her book is a great insight into the mental changes one needs to make before & while on this journey. Her story is not only inspiring, it motivates you into action - to make your own shift! Almost anyone struggling with weight issues can relate. 

Slowly but Surely: A lot of people hope to lose weight over night & so often give up long before actually starting. Through her book I realized that starting with small steps are better than no steps. For example, running an hour a day might seem like a daunting task to a lot of people starting out. On the other hand while the benefits are slower a 15 minute brisk walk could sound a lot more doable - & there are definitely benefits! So starting with a daily 15 minute walk one can eventually build up to the run. The point is each person has their own rhythm & it's better to listen to your own.

One needs to realize that there isn't a single route or a quick fix to a healthy lifestyle. It is just what it is - a lifestyle. & making small changes can slowly but surely bring you there. What she communicates is that one's mental state is the most important element of change. & that is something we all have the power to change. Through her story, one realizes that making small but sure steps (with a goal in mind) towards a healthy lifestyle is clearly doable & one can slowly reach milestones. These milestones then become your motivators & you start wanting more & better for yourself! Once you start feeling the benefits your hooked & there's no going back. 

So maybe what we need is: inspiration from other people's stories?  to understand the benefits of a healthy life: the incentive to start? or to be proved that it is doable? to be shown that anyone, even you, can be healthy & fit? proof that small steps can lead to bigger ones? someone to start the small steps with? 

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