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It has been widely stated that the Mediterranean diet can afford significant advantages to our health status .

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In some rural regions of the south of Italy is there an high longevity rate among their native people and this is an effect of healthy habits, like eating, regular physical activity done in contact with nature, family and social life and the pursuit of human and spiritual values .

The use of food like cereals, vegetables, fruit, fish and extra virgin oil, instead of meat and refined sugars, leads to a lower incidence of so called “diseases of affluence” (overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.)

South of Italy is the country of excellent food, that might contribute to improve global eating habits .

You can find whole flours, obtained from traditional gluten free cereals, extravirgin olive oil, squeezed from native varieties having different tastes, the Apulian almonds, very rich in magnesium, that prevents heart diseases and ensures a perfect intestinal balance and many other culinary delights of this area, that appease the senses improving health status .

The question is : how can technologies reduce distances  in order to permit global community to benefit of this natural richness ?


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Great reflection Carlo! Indeed, there is merit in maintaining the healthy practices that are rooted in our cultural traditions. It'll be great to consider how we can use technologies to build stronger healthier relationships between our foods and cultures in the upcoming Ideas Phase. On this topic you might like to check out these like-minded posts:

Photo of Carlo Stragapede

Dear Shane,
thank you for the "assist" you are giving me, in the next phase we'll try to develope this topic, in particular how new technologies can decrease the distances in order to get a widespread distribution of so called "niche food" with reasonable costs
Bye bye ;)

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