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Robot Dance Parties

There's something about this guy who dresses as a robot to start dance parties that makes me wonder...

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This is real. Not the robot, that is. But a guy who dresses as one, goes to random places and starts a party wherever he is. He's not making people healthier necessarily, but it makes me wonder... 

- How else can some simple tech hack the urban environment to turn everyday activity into fun, community-building activities that are healthy?

- Its easier than ever to stream and amplify music wherever you are. How can music in public places lead to more exercise and more fun?

- If he's motivated to go out and get people dancing, might there be other people that like to encourage strangers to spontaneously partake in something healthy and fun? How can technology help?

- Longer term, what's the role of real robots (that is, artificial intelligence) in encouraging healthy lifestyles?

- Where can I get myself that robot costume?

(More on that robot at

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Great inspiration Jason! Who knew all it takes to get people into a healthier mindset is a couple of used cardboard boxes and some silver spray paint. This is a great example of how healthy Lifestyles can become contagious on a community level. I love how the notion of hacking public spaces to create fun opportunities for community-building. Here's another great example of what healthy spectacles can happen when you mix music, public spaces, and some rad dance moves!