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Go back to the roots!

Technology can help us not only regain but also share our lost cultural traditions of healthy meal preparation and healthy life habits

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Now that I have gotten older, it astonishes me how much we have forgotten about what we used to love as children.  Here are a few examples that come to mind:

- There used to be a concept of seasons with food...meaning that certain fruits and veggies weren't available all year round. There was excitement in the anticipation of a jackfruit season or knowing just when to go pick the mango so it is the sweetest. 

- Grandmothers make all sorts of dishes with their tiny, wrinkly hands that are delicious but I feel like there's a "cube root" -type  effect with mother makes 1/3 of what my grandma made and I am probably at best cooking up 1/3 of what my mom makes.

- We used to spend so much more time active as a family that feels much more diminished today. For example,  we had a garden and we would help out with keeping it going. It was a family project of sorts where everyone had responsibility...but everyone could share in the pride of seen the fruits of their labor (pun intended). We also had community events where we used to invite people to join in dances or other activities.

Technology is becoming evermore ubiquitous...even grandmas are using iphones! Why can't we weave technology to support retention of cultural practices that promote health and harness its power to share lessons across socioeconomic and cultural boundaries?

What if....

1) There was an app that was easy enough for our grandmas and moms could record and send their recipes and meal preparation tips?

2) There was an app that helped you coordinate the development and upkeep of a community garden in your neighborhood?

3) You could leverage technology to create a virtual community center... where events could be coordinated and participation encouraged?

These are just a few thoughts...We should be proud of our diverse backgrounds and I can't think of a better way than to leverage technology to share healthy lifestyles with others and to help us collectively enjoy it for years to come.


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I would be very curios to learn about other culture preparation for certain food when I eat it !

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