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Foodingame Certification Program

Foodingame is a sticker certification program to be adopted by restaurants to introduce a gamified nutritional menu.

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Foodingame is a certification program for restaurants where people gain health badges/points in their leaderboards as they order food. It is important for restaurants to not only maintain food grade standards but also adopt nutritional habits to conserve health of the society. By keeping all the nutritional benefits in food, it becomes evident for the customers (people) to go for good food with a variety of choices. 

Example Campaign :


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Photo of Ahmed

HA ! Very interesting ! I would love to get feedback on my eating habits by just using my credit card !

Photo of priyanka

That would be interesting.

Credit cards and points for good eating habits. How do we execute that ? Any on-the-top ideas?

Photo of Ahmed

Maybe if we create charts and goals based on research "how much vitamins, protein, .....ect we should eat each day" get rewords when you achieve certain points , or maybe just create an app that take your buying habits from your credit card and give you a daily report

Photo of priyanka

Yes. Instead of credit cards how about phone numbers? Everyone has a phone.... but may not have a credit card! Take a look at the main image. What do you think about that? Link : this is the idea phase.

Photo of Ahmed

Super interesting, I have hard time imagining how the application can take buying behavior from phone number , can you tall me more what you have in mind ?

Photo of priyanka

Ahmed, I am myself trying to imagine a lot of personae. This takes time and works out very well if people have their mobile phones telling them about how to eat and what are the side effects of eating something. etc. Unfortunately, some food products like coke has benefits too. Should we ban it ? I am not sure.
We do not have complete evidence or correct knowledge to gauge what is right for us. It may sound contradicting because we love taste and don't know what happens afterwards. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes or is it because of the lifestyle? I am no nutritionist.

There needs to be a personal messaging service system that calculates the food-nutrition points and makes it available to users. Too many prereqs. Need to think further in the lines.

Photo of Ahmed

You are coming with interesting ideas, Im not sure if its better if the app ban something or let people choose what they want to ban themselves. using credit card to collect health information can be effective because it gives users relative and personal information, not just general information about what healthy or not. an interesting question; how we can use the information from the credit card to create reports that inspire change of behavior ?

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