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Culturally Authentic Tiffin Service / Dabbawala?

Enabling home cooks to build a business by facilitating tiffin service delivery

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Through other contributions, it's clear that there are benefits to eating culturally appropriate and seasonal foods. Authentic meals that are culturally appropriate ensure that people can stick to diets. Seasonal variations ensure folks don't get tired of eating the same thing. The articles linked below on Mediterranean and Indian diets elucidate these points.

One of the biggest challenges to healthy cooking is (i) effort vs volume throughput and (ii) lack of variety.

India has a very successful boxed lunch service (tiffin service or dubbawalla). The model (some what) has been replicated in the US (esp Bay Area). Some avatars are:

Spoon rockets and Farmhill offer healthy-ish foods at a price. They are on-demand and not a subscription service. The UI makes it fairly easy to order. Meals are delivered to you. I never order from them (i) Not near my work and I cook at home, or (ii) they offer american choices where I am looking for cultually authentic food - be in mexican, indian or japanese cuisine. One example for a tiffin service that is as close to home cooking as they come is: - They offer the meals at a high-ish price point and with time their menu becomes repetitive. Limited/No seasonal variations.

What if there was a service that:

1. Allowed users to get culturally authentic food like any of the services mentioned above.

2. Allowed them to either pay with money or with labor - They can offer to cook pre-defined recipe (buying all the ingredients - or maybe this can be shipped to them???) - think Blue apron in bulk -  for as many free meals as they cook. So if that cook 10 portions they get 10 free meals in the future.

3. Folks can even make the meals, to get paid and start a business.

Can be democratize the home-cooking experience to make collectively make it easier for all to sustain healthy eating practices?


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