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A tomato has a value also outside a cheesburger

If food is given the right value then technology can be a social enabler to healtier lives

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Looking at the very basis of people choices we may find instinct, emotions, feelings, or primary needs; by the way these elements are measured through a metric that consciously or unconsciously we apply to them: that is value.

Choosing to eat a tomato or a cheesburger, believe or not, is only a matter of value.

I am not saying that taste is not involved during the choice, I am saying that it can happen that the value given to taste overcomes the value given to healthiness.

In Italy, the nation where I live in, people give a lot of value to the food; and when I say that the average Italian man gives a lot of value to the food I mean that it is quite common to hear someone complaining that "the quality of tomato at the supermarket is pretty lower compared to the one I find when I go back home in Sicily" or stating that "I buy meat only and directly from the farmer I trust".

It is due to the fact that the majority of Italians have some kind of relationship with agriculture, even many marketing or finance people living in Rome or Milan have their grandparents who used to working in the fields.

Here comes the point of the provocation, how might we use technology to help people give more value to healthy and genuine food?

How might we use technology to create connection between the users and the origin of the products?

What about virtual reality or augmented reality  to create in shop-experiences that let people understand how a particular food is grown and appreciate its real value?


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Hi Daniele,
I knew about your idea as Caio mentioned it commenting on another one I posted. What suggestions would you give?
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