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10 Non Trivial Websites Each College Student Should Know

There are some of the most helpful sites every college students should know.

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There are so many opportunities which modern people have, thanks to the Internet. To get any sort of information you simply need to take your lovely device and open Google search. Voila, it finds out what you have been seeking for. This nice function was noticed by smart students who actually are not the greatest lovers of doing hard works. They like doing less for their study in college so as to spend more time seeing their friends.



         Surely, you are not that student who loves sweating over writing essays, that is why we added this reliable site to our list. Professionals from dissertation advice who really like doing their job can handle your problem and create good paper for your classes.

         Essay Punch

         Essay Punch is a site which helps absent-minded students to bring together their thoughts and write the essay. If you cannot start writing because your ideas are disordered, try this site to regulate them.

         The Owl

         This site is an extremely helpful when you are out of ideas on creating a unique essay. Here are tips on how to write proper essays, which techniques and formats use and other nice things for writers.


         The same function as Essay Punch has this smart site. Here you always can find inspiring advice which will make your brain work productively. Brainstorming, organizing your thoughts and whatever you may need are available here.


         When you are working on a really huge essay, you need to have your ideas and theses organized not to lose the direction of your work. This site provides with the opportunity to create databases which will keep in safe all your thoughts.

         Bib Me

         Students are in love with Bib Me because it can handle the main problem of them – writing a bibliography. This thing fills in a work cited page in MLA, APA, Chicago or Turbian formats.

         The Online Books Page

         What can be more exciting for students than having an enormous library online? This site has 30,000 books from around the world. You will definitely sort out books for your essay or coursework.

         Project Gutenberg

         About 25,000 books are accessible in Project Gutenberg's online catalog. It is very impressive quantity. But you will be more stunned when you find out that 100,000 books from its partners are available as well.


         Students can read 5,000 books online. It is not so many but it is a valuable source of rare and unique works as well as classic. Visit this site to find the book of 15th century or something like that.


         Here are short but very detailed notes which help to get a better understanding of the book you need. The site has summaries, characters, timelines and tips for writing essays.

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Great share Stacy! It'd be great to think about how we might build off of these educational platforms to engage youths in the healthy lives challenge for the upcoming Ideas Phase of this challenge. You might also want to cross-pollinate these findings with Vivien in this post: