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TV Fit - Exercise, Win, Repeat [Update - UX,Poster,Prototype,App]

Promote a healthy lifestyle through NBCU-Telemundo channels by registering and awarding people activities through sport bands.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

There are 3 main players: TV provider (NBCU, TeleMundo), Wearable/Sport Band brands and TV audience. The interaction with the end user is based on a ad-hoc TV show and a “second screen” like application: the actions of the final user (a community of final users) will influence (in real time) the storyboard of the TV show.


NBC, as a leader cable and on demand TV provider, plays a key role in the virtuous circle of TV FIT. The idea is that it will provide the main channel through which the healthier life style will be promoted. The innovation resides in the way the promotion will be proposed: a set of highly interactive shows. To understand what this truly means let’s explain how it would work. Each person of the targeted audience has a “sport band” like device able to track and recognize the correct execution of some sport activity. NBCU-Telemundo would broadcast a show that can be influenced by the people having the aforementioned band. Since the goal is to lead people to live an healthier life, the actions that will influence the show will be a sport activity, some kind of work out routine or similar.

As a practical example the show might be a new talk show where the new guest will be chosen by the audience. In this show many choices moments might be defined so that the audience has to chose among a X number of options. Through an ad-hoc smartphone app each user can make his choice and in this way a set of X teams will be created. Each team will then score some points: the points will be gained by converting the workout and physical exercise registered by the band. The team that scores higher wins the choice and the talk show will invite the guest chosen by the winner team. This is only an example to understand the main idea behind this project. A lot more can be done so to exploit root and culture of local groups and to exploit more the social sphere.

app prototype - click it! it works!!


Sport bands are designed to track steps, stairs and sleep during the day to create awareness of our movements and suggest the best activity to people. More advanced bracelets can detect heart beats and blood pressure, some others have a small display that can show time, info or alerts. More and more people are using sport bands or smart watches to control their daily activities through their smartphones thank to live-syncing apps.

The idea for TVfit is to propose a customized (or sponsored) NBCU-Telemundo sport bracelet as device to participate to the tv challenge. Thanks to the live streaming of data from the sport bracelets of the subscribers,NBCU-Telemundo could analyze the activities and assign points to each participant of the program.


Hispanic families are greater part of the television audience. Mainly bilingual families watch about 50% of Spanish spoken/related programs. English dominant, Hispanic households watch only about 3% of Spanish spoken television. Most of the network business strategies are pointing to attract more “latino’s” audience in order to increase the views, but without a big success. Series having Hispanic relation or protagonists have recorded the highest views in the last years. The obesity problems of the Hispanic population in the US has been caused by many different factors, some of which - poverty, absence of healthy food markets in the near neighborhoods, consumption of high quantities of low nutrition fast-food, absence of parks and spaces for physical activities close to the households, low activity levels in schools and high percentage of time spent watching television or playing video games. Our idea’s objective is to involve the Hispanic audience in an interactive way, so that they can have a big benefit for their health with a very tiny effort.


As it is easy to understand, NBCU-Telemundo goal would be to engage the audience so to keep them watching its shows. A novel way to achieve so would be leveraging on this innovative interaction. Moreover the kind of action requested would really be helpful in promoting an healthier life: both because it involves movement and workout and because it would promote health and wellness by exploiting Social attitude (as shown by the research phase).

So, why would it work? For many reasons among which:

    • NBCU-Telemundo have obvious business interest in engaging the audience

    • The audience is naturally social oriented (as shown by the research phase), therefore the community, the team creation and the social sphere are genuinely interesting to them.

    • The Audience segment that do not have the sport band would eventually want to buy one since it would be way cheaper than a gym subscription. Moreover NBCU-Telemundo could invest some small money so to discount the bands in order to both engaging the people and to have a NEW ad channel.

    • NBCU-Telemundo can also use the sport band to promote itself and send pop-up messages (both app and BAND based) of advertising.


    NBCU-Telemundo provide new highly interactive content to promote healthier life. The interaction and feedback are based on the tracking of physical activity by a sport band like device (Nike fit bit, Empatica or similar). NBCU-Telemundo would gain new advertisement channels (the band) and more audience engagement. The audience would pay less for a fit band (partially sponsored by NBCU-Telemundo) than for a gym subscription and would enjoy the new media experience, getting fit in the meanwhile. Ultimately, thanks to the gamification of the TV FIT program a healthy lifestyle is proposed, new sport bands are sold and more audience is then gained.


    We propose to use some famous tv series streamed by NBCU-Telemundo to launch our TVfit real time program. “Suits", "Law and Order" and "BattleStar Galactica" usually gain a huge audience within the USA public. The chance to make real the desire of many “tv serie addicted” to create their favorite final of the episode will motivate them to exercise and race for it. Again, to acquire a big audience, we think a nice way to let more people participate to the TVfit program is to create challenges on a weekly base and to show the results at the end of the most watched tv shows or series (as “I <3 Genni”. “Suelta la Sopa”). Finally we propose to add a new afternoon sport show, from monday to friday, to make the TVfit project more visible and didactic. We think to design a new tv show conducted by a gym trainer in order to help people at home to practise the exercises in a correct way and be motivated by a professional. The show will host also the winners of the week challenges or the best performers as guests and will be a stronger motivation for people at home.



    Big Promotional Event:

    We think that a strong advertising campaign is needed in order to increase the hype over NBCU-Telemundo new initiatives "TVfit". In order to give a good perception of the project, a first big event about diabetes, health and wellness could be organized. During this event the project would be launched with a massive, in place, exercise session based on the TVfit workout routines. The money collected during this event would be used to fund research against diabetes. 

    Proof Of Concept

    After the big initial event a simplified, lightweight version of TVfit is launched. In this version there is no need to buy a smart sportband or smartwatch: an armband is sufficient. The exercises would be registered by the smartphone inserted into the armband during the workout. Weekly some sport challenges are announced on NBC channels and the audience partecipate by using the TVfit app and exercising during the week. The exercise data are sync by the app and, when the competition is over, the winners (both individuals and teams) are announced on NBCU-Telemundo channels.

    Full Functionality

    To increase the engagement, an additional real time exercise mode is released. For this mode to properly work a sport band is needed. NBCU-Telemundo provides discounts (in the form of digital coupons) to buy sponsored sport bands to connect to TVfit app. The real time interaction exists together with the offline competitions. 

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

The business model and the MVP have to be refined as well as the go-to market strategy. In particular creative ideas about the TV show (what content? what kind of show? TV series? Movie? TalkShow?) would be of great help!

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm

Does your idea currently have an Indiegogo campaign drafted?

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Hi Luca and team, The updates are looking great! The user experience map really helps to humanize the experience of your product. I also love how you've tied in fundraising for diabetes into your promotional plan. I'm looking forward to seeing how the idea continues to develop as you gather feedback and further collaborate with "El Loser Local". Very exciting. Keep us posted!

Photo of Ilaria Maltoni

Hi Tori Adele!
We are really happy you feel satisfied with our work, thanks again for your suggestions!!!
We got in touch with the team of "El Loser Local" and we rewied out works and gave some help and will continue to meet.
Thanks again!

Photo of Luca Bonacina

Glad to hear this! Sure let's keep in touch! :)

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