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Viva Latino {Updated 8/23/15}Custom Shows and Page, Link to Tomatero, Enhanced Advertising Potential

Viva Latino is a wellness app where the user can find resources, collect data, and share their personal wellness profile to family & friends

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

{Update 8/15/2015} The persona of Maria is the target market, along with her friends and family. Day in the Life of Maria- Maria life is busy. In order for her to meet her wellness goals she needs a solution that allows for her to incorporate wellness throughout the day and involves support. By utilizing the mobile device which she uses throughout the day, she can get find, collect, and share information.

{Updated 8/15/2015}


The App—The app is a directory of content that is based on 4 main wellness categories: Physical Activity, Food & Nutrition, Mood & Mind, and Support. The interaction of the user with the content and mobile smart devices tools allows for the delivery of video, text, voice, photo, wearable, and AR/VR applications. The app would allow for duel screen deliver of content. An example would be a television program that would reference the app in the shows scenes and encourage participants to go to app. Both free and paid content can be on the app allowing for app sustainability.

{8/17/15- Content Back-end Data Structure

The content databases would be organized utilizing "deep learning" linkage. attached is a diagram of this architecture. 

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 This structure is developed to help change datasets quickly and make the app more dynamic.

App Prototype Development

{Update 8/23/2015} App Updates— Added Subject Custom Programs--

link to Tomatero idea. Path Food&Nutrition> Children's Education>OpenIdeoTomatero.

The app was developed and created in to allow for a quick prototype deployment for native apps to be tested in markets. Some of the fields are not functioning. Current status usability testing has taken place and app has been revised base on recommendations. 

App Feature Ideas {Updated 8/23/2015}

  1. Custom Shows- this link is where the user can find Broadcast Programs and pre-selected apps or custom designed apps that can be used to create dual screen opportunities. 
  2. YoMe!—(Mock Up complete ready for user testing 8/19/15) this is the users profile page, where settings, favorites, rewards and indexes are stored. The personalized indexes can be developed from utilizing the user’s interactions with content (Apps, Video, etc..), tracking devices and sensors, and geo-positioning technologies.
  3. Favoritos—This is where the user can customize their own interest and passions to allow for customized content delivery and discuss with friends and family allowing the user to keeping culture interactions and promote heritage.
  4. Share--  This allows for users to link directly to the users current social media channels. Once usage numbers scale, then an in house social media channels—share and recommend-- can be developed or a “wellness network” formed.

Rapid Prototype Development Activities

The instructional design process is based on rapid prototype development. We first created a Persona of Maria, a mother and Latino women in here 20's. We created a "Day in the Life of Maria" to see how she would use the app throughout the day. This is where we discovered the important role of "Mico-Moments" in the usage of the app. -- Day in the Life of Maria's Story 

The tool we can make quick changes to the app to adjust to user feedback before as the app goes into development. This allows for technical and usability issues to be addressed fast, to make changes and enhancements.

{8/23/15 Update}

We currently have 6 testers that have gone over the app and made changes to the app. Other time members have started to go out and ask the community for feedback on the app. 

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The app allows and encourages the user to develop support “Micro-Moments” (short interactions with content) of wellness. According to Google, “91% of people look up information on a smartphone during the middle of another task.” If these users look up Wellness information, including tracking during these “micro-moments”, I feel that this could be a way to deliver personalized wellness content to a variety of multicultural and socioeconomic groups. It is well documented that learning and behavior motivation needs to be reinforced a multitude of times to change habits. This micro-moments will allow the users to change habits quicker.

Visual Design

The app is function is based on quick search, so the visual appearance is based on ease of use through touch screen devices. If the app is too complicated, users will get lost and confused and the viral effects to the apps platform could get lost. The design is keep simple to increase usage and viral potential.

Global Reach

Because the app is based on personalized features, setting and goals, wellness content can be adapted easily to for multicultural and social economical groups. The user determines the type of content based on passion, interests, and needs.

{Added 8/23/15}

Advertising Enhancements

Targeted app search and reach  has been a documented distribution problem with mobile content. The app offers the potential to have thousands of pieces of wellness content that is highly organized. It is very hard to find anything in iTunes/AppStore and Google Play. Currently, broadcast media stocks are taking a slam because of the loss of advertising revenue. Telemondo, NBCUniversio, and NBCUnversial could market VivaLatino to existing and future advertisers as a way to easily find advertisers apps, and develop duel screen advertising potential as a enhancement to their current advertising media purchases.  

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

{Update 8/23/2015} Team member are helping drive testers we currently have tested with 6 people. Tester3- Black Male, 54--He felt there needed to be a splash page, had problems with home|back function, Physical Activity--outdoor, swimming Food-- Drinks, Hydration

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

(Updated 8/20/2015) SME's in health and fitness and of course anyone that would be interested in developing this app. Content Harvesters-- links and recommendations to content or Coder to write a bot, Technical help that can create binders for iOS and Andriod in linking it to Zoho Creator Database. A UX/UI designer that could keep it simple but add some better graphics, A security technology person to work on developing a way to make sure personal data is safe.

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