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"Sweat Smart"| Updated 8/21/15- Direct consumer feedback

Sweatband that reveals motivational messages and graphics as you work-out with a QR code media based reward system.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

Target: Low-income households, without much to spend on emerging technology- but want more in-expensive and customizable options within wearable technology. Available for all ages and genders with the power to get everyone up and active!

Imagine the simple motivation of a sweat band with a textile twist, where the fabric that the band is made out of changes color as you heat up/sweat. 

motivational aspect

When you sweat an inspirational statement or graphic (depending on which style you order) will appear on your sweat band- telling you to persevere! That will not only the band inspire exercise, but it will INCENTIVIZE exercise. Sweat reveals a personal QR code that can be used to access Sweat Smart account and get rewarded with 

  • access to online streaming of your favourite NBC and Telemundo shows
  • tickets to televised sporting events
  • special on-set visits (raffled off)
  • on-air shoutouts

Community aspect

Hispanic communities has a strong community bond and Sweat Smart draws upon this potential to help users build consistent exercise habits. Sweat Smart website allows users to find their local community members and get active together. Users can take part in group exercises or become a Community Champion and invite others to the group.

Example product website

Roslyn's User profile page

Sofia's User profile page


This functional product could be turned into something to be proud of: making the color change/fashion statement. This can also be attached to a larger marketing campaign, such as Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ and become a recognizable symbol of getting active. In daily use, Sweat Smart has a very simple design that can even be worn in workplace settings. It can be a conversation-starter among colleagues and allow people find their colleagues who is interested in same sports.

Overall, it is simple, and in its simplicity it is effective. Sweat Smart is a fashion statement that acts as a symbol for a lifestyle transition.

smart fabrics references


Zumba Concept 1

Zumba Concept 2

Basketball Concept 1

Basketball Concept 2

Running Concept 1

Running Concept 2

Initial Market Research & User Feedback - Updated 08/21/15

The Sweat Smart concept has been taken to the streets and distributed amongst members of Hispanic communities in both Portland and Eugene. Organizations and individuals have been questioned about the things that make Sweat Smart a impactful idea and the things that still require improvement. We have reached out to a family-oriented human services organization in Eugene that we will be continuing to work with over the coming weeks. In our initial correspondence, we determined that there could be a greater emphasis on fitness in general health and wellness programs for low income Hispanic families. The preliminary Sweat Smart pitch was well received but in depth feedback has yet to be given.

In Portland, individuals outside the Portland Mercado were approached for their thoughts and considerations.

Stephanie (age 24) is a resident of North Portland where she is waiting tables. With an education from Clackamas Community College and Portland State University, Stephanie is preparing to begin her career as a social worker. Stephanie attributes her successes to her strong work ethic and diligence; college was only an option because of the scholarship money she was awarded. When presented with the Sweat Smart campaign she expressed her hesitations. Her weekly fitness routine is minimal due to her long work hours. She isn’t an avid television watcher--she doesn’t actually own a TV--and believes that the reward system shouldn’t be confined to something she believes is counterintuitive to a healthy lifestyle. She is found of Sweat Smart’s aesthetic and feels she would find motivation in the collection of the bands. When asked how her family would feel about the Sweat Smart, she replied saying, “It would be hard for my mother to find time to dedicate to something like this. She works more than I do.”

Rodrigo (age 19) lives in Southeast Portland with his Mother, Father, and Abuela. He graduated high school and now works at a small garage. When asked about his weekly fitness routine, Rodrigo enthusiastically described his love of soccer and the weekly practice and matches he plays with friends. His interest in the Sweat Smart concept was driven by the social nature of his active lifestyle. He found the band options very fashionable and thought the rewards system would be a great way to compete against his peers. He was interested in seeing the band portrayed in a more competitive light, like “a nike ad”. Rodrigo thought Sweat Smart would go over well at home. His mother walks multiple times a week with friends and believes they would like the idea.

We will continue to reach out to those stakeholders who can provide valuable feedback. We are open to suggestions about who else to approach.

A sneak peak into our design process

Here is a google doc that our team has been using to correspond over seas and across countries. Leave us comments with input or ideas!

Collaborative Doc

Design Doc

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Anyone with social or cultural input should definitely let me hear your opinions. Maybe also someone with insight on emerging textiles, per the color changing idea.

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Photo of Colton Weaver

Great job so far! I was thinking, and I am sure you have gotten this question before, but if I person does not sweat a lot how would this technology work? I think this is a fantastic product that can definitely help motivate people to work out more. I was thinking for a market/ reward system having-again instead of television rather healthy eating rewards-working with local co-ops or food providers. My downfall to exercise is always the food, but if I was motivated to eat well too with rewards I think that could help.

As for a market, I instantly thought of intramural or club teams. Since you are already pushing for group exercise and motivation, having specialized ones for the team/advertising can be a whole other look at your business model. Even just selling the you got this or the make it count can push the teams to do better as a whole while motivating the individuals to achieve the personal best.
I love this idea! Let me know if you need any additional help!

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