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A tool to inform people about the benefits of a vegan diet and give them practical tips to veganize their traditional recipes.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

The target are the multicultural communities all over the world that have a strong connection with their tradition and culture. For these communities conduct a healthier life could seem an abstract goal to achieve, so we could give them practical tips to improve their alimentary habits respecting their traditions.

There is a significant amount of research that demonstrates the health benefits of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based diets, which have been associated with a reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and some types of cancer as well as increased longevity. Here are some publications by The Nutrition SocietyJournal of Nutrition and Metabolism and American Society for Clinical Nutrition.

But most of the time people don’t really decide consciously what to eat, their diet is widely determined by social and cultural factors. We eat what we learned to eat and we cook what we learned to cook, using familiar ingredients and techniques. So it's possible to suppose that sometimes unhealthy alimentary habits are the consequence of a lack of informations about healthier alternatives.

Veganizeit provides informations to specific cultural groups about the benefits of a diet without meat and dairy products and about how to veganize all the most common and loved traditional recipes.

The service could be developed as an ecosystem of technological tools, from a website to a watch app (that can also measure some body functions and track any benefit of the new diet). In general terms the service could provide the following main functions:

To motivate people to embrace changes in their alimentary habits. it’s important to show the direct impact of these changes on health (e.g. reduction of heart diseases or loss of weight). 

Traditional recipes
A collection of veganized traditional recipes organised for country/culture (e.g. in the Mexican section you could find recipes of vegan churros or burritos).

There is a vegan way to replace almost every ingredient, in this section any dairy or unhealthy food has a list of compatible replacement foods. These tips can also be provided periodically via smartphone/watch notifications or e-mail newsletter (e.g. to make a cake you can substitute 100g of butter with half mature banana).

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What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Different kind of datas would be useful to validate the idea, for instance: - Determinate what kind of technology the target uses most, and how. - Quantify how often the target cooks at home.

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Photo of Burt A

I've had a similar idea bouncing around in my brain the past couple of years. I'll suggest it here for your consideration - or it may remain where it is forever.

I recognize the benefits of reducing our meat intake for a variety of reasons including health, environmental concerns and so on. I've watched some of my more militant vegan friends attempting to convince people to change, with only minor success. I think meeting people half way makes sense. What I propose that recipes be made available as full vegan and as 50/50 meals. What I mean by 50/50 is that we replace 50% of the meat with textured vegetable protein, or alternate protein source, as a half step that people are more likely to embrace. You have to meet people where they are, and subtle changes that improve health are more likely to be widely adopted by the average person than a radical change. If your goal is to impact as many people as possible I think this makes sense. Contests, and celebrity chefs redoing traditional meals as 50/50 and full vegan could start the ball rolling.

Photo of Kathleen Turner

I like the idea of a compromise. It recognizes progress, rather than perfection.
I also like the addition of celebrity chefs.
Clarifying question: how might we we use media to impact social norms for plant based eating?

Photo of Burt A

1-contact popular cooking shows, tell the what you are doing and invite them to try their favorite full or 50/50 remake.
2-youtube channel featuring remakes, with a matching twitter 'daily remake' recipe.
3-invite Kraft or one of the big food companies to do recipe challenge to popularize this
4-get one of the popular news channels to challenge people to make a vegan or 50/50 meal and post pictures of their favorites to the news twitter with a #hashtag
5-reverse it and half a challenge to remake a specific popular dish and post the winners
6.reach out to Hell's Kitchen or one of the other food challenge shows and suggest a challenge based on what you want to achieve.
7-reach out to supermarket chain and have them group and/or discount winning recipe ingredients (along with a copy of the recipe) as summer specials so people might impulse buy the ingredients and try.
8-reach out to a popular show and ask them to mention 50/50 meals in the storyline - like they use to do with brand placement. This will put the phrase and concept out there.

Photo of John Born


Great ideas!! A lot of cool ways to blow the idea out into a whole lifestyle program, which could then be segmented based on the needs of specific ethnic communities. 50/50 "champions" could be identified as spokespeople who would be most motivating for each group, thus making the experience more personal and meaningful, and more likely to succeed.

Photo of Burt A

Thanks John. Sorry for the very delayed response - on a busy cycle at work.

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