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'Move 4 More' Campaign/App --Updated: 8.21.15 [ updated feedback from users, include dance culture, social media role, partners ]

A campaign that incentivise community collaboration to turn their physical & social surroundings into a 'healthy life radius'

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

The campaign targets everyone in Hispanic community, but the core target is the moms as we can leverage them to generate healthy lives ripple effect on others. Hispanic family unit include extended family; mom is in charge of what the family eats. Thus, if we can improve mom's grocery choices, we will make family members' health better. Also, Hispanic neighbourhood is close-knit; most moms are well connected. one mom can inspire many others to lead a healthier life.

'Move for More' is a campaign that works together with an application. It tackles three main barrier to healthy living:  not enough exercise, bad eating choices, environments: social & physical i.e. un safe recreation space etc. that do not support healthy living.

It addresses the problem by developing an activity tracking application that turns movements into reward points to incentivise people to move more. The voucher rewards are given based on group deal system to encourage the idea of exercise buddies- that will add the fun ,and prolong exercise with peer to peers motivation. After participants get enough points to unlock 3 healthy grocery voucher rewards, they will unlock a donation to help optimise community's environment. They have to compete with other communities to become the top 4 to get 100% donation from the donations unlocked. Others will get less in relation to rankings. Top 4 communities be thrown a block dance party ,while top 4 teams will be invited to meet/dance with celebrity on Telemundo.  Since dance is well rooted in Hispanic culture, we encourage people to move more with music. we set 'track of the week' to urge them to share video clip of themselves dancing to it while doing day-to-day activities i.e. dance while washing car, dance while gardening etc. We will put clips together as a music video montage, then air it at the end of each week. using real people to inspire others to move more.


A research from Blue Zones, a project that learned from the world'slongest living cultures and implementing them in communities across USA, shows that people who lived long lives share common characteristics and these characteristics are influenced by,-with the assumption that we spend 90% of our lives in 20 miles radius, their daily life radius. 'Move 4 More' aims to create healthy environment from immediate level to community level.

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The campaign plans to change the lives in community by starting small. Targeting individual and let her leverage on close-knit comunity to spread healthy lives ripple effect.

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To recruit participants , we create 'celebrity recipe week'. Celebrities will show their secret on turning traditional dishes more healthy on cooking show to educate and make mom aspire to cook healthy, then propose them with Move4More-a way of getting healthy grocery at affordable price, while giving to own community. 'Celebrity recipe week' will be cut as short clip and amplify on talk shows , daily news , and celebrity's shoutout on twitter and other social media to reach wider audiences.

We use group deal system to nudge mom to leverage on close-knit hispanic community, where neighbours stick together, to form exercise buddies team of 4 (4 is the average hispanic population/family) with family members or neighbours. team members will collaborate to earn rewards. If one of the team member is short on reward points , she can reach out to anyone outside of the team to transfer points to her. Inviting even more people to the campaign-and to healthy living.


Incentive 1: The main reward is healthy grocery gift vouchers for the team. moms feel grocery discount is most preferable because it is relevant, they get to really use it (see in prototype section below). So the whole family will get to eat more healthy.

Incentive 2:  After unlocking every 3 grocery vouchers, the 4th one will be a donation to  fund community's recreations project. Top 4 communities earn 100% of amount raised , other earn less in relation to rankings. Doing  something for charity give a sense of purpose and also ease the person to ask other to join because the user feels good to ask people to do good cause together(see in prototype section below). Community fund benefits whole community so it can attract other family members/friends that are not interested in grocery reward to join in.

Incentive 3 : We celebrate winners in Hispanic way, dance.Only the top 4 communities will get a block dance party, while top 4 team will be invited to see one of their favourite show on Telemundo and dance with the host/guest celebrity.

Incentive 4 : Reward with 'moment of fame' (see INSPIRE OTHERS section). 


We understand that committing in regular workouts might not be easy. Moms might be engaged in chores and don't have time for a run. Some neighbourhood might not be accessible to the gym or lack of sports recreation in the area.  We want to make people see that despite limitations they can still exercise through day-to-day activities. So we design a rewarding system to encourage people to push regular routines to the next level: walking longer distance & using dance,a culture that roots in them, to turn daily chores into mini workouts.

After interviewing with users, we develop point collection scheme that avoid team members feeling pressured or ashamed if they don't have as many points on relation to others, by showing just total team points not individual points in team page, but only show it in individual profile- where the only user can see their progress. Also, users feel they might not be able to keep up with exercise constantly every day so we allow point sharing between non-member and member (see in PROTOTYPE SECTION).

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People easily connect and engage in stories that is relevant to them. Thus, the campaign leverage on real-life people to inspire other community members.

 Move 4 More application crowdsource clips from participants that share how they try to move more in daily activities. As dance is well rooted in Hispanic culture. we encourage movement via dancing. Every week we will release 'track of the week' to encourage people to snap clip of themselves dancing to it -no matter what they do i.e. dance while washing car, or dance with the team,mom dance with her baby etc.

The clips will be featured on Telemundo in 2 ways:

  • Mass :The clips are put together as a music video montage then air it at the end of each week. The video montage premiers on Telemundo to create anticipation from mass viewer to tune in to see themselves/ their peers on TV. The videos will later be posted on Telemundo's youtube channel for people to share on social media.
  • Individual : Each week a celebrity will pick top 4 most liked moves mimic it, and shout out to the people who submit the clips.

Telemundo should set up Move4More campaign's youtube channel to upload  video montage , most liked clips, and celebrity's mimic viewers moves clip etc. As and aside, there also should upload educational videos such as nutritional facts, other healthy dishes recipe the problem with people not living healthy is highly due to lack of knowledge about it.

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  • Healthy food voucher: Local groceries, healthy grocery brands
  • Community funding: Community's fund organisation, or construction company in that state that wish to do CSR can help build recreational space i.e. playground,  renovate parks
  • Block dance party: salsa/mambo style dance event organiser (




[Update: 8.21.15]  Updated user feedback in prototype section -Bettina helped talking to Hispanic group in NY, this helps understanding different demographics and got useful insights to incorporate to the idea i.e.  leverage dance culture to boost daily movements.  Tori suggests on including social media to reach and recruit more to the campaign. Thus,added connection to social media in 1st recruitment& 2nd recruitment phase.

[Update:8.19.15] Campaign guide for participant

[Update: 8.17.15] Fixed the campaign according to prototype result-change scoring system to decrease pressure of team members, added in walk to fund community. This makes the campaign cover from person to peers to community level. which resonates with blue zone campaign attempt.-campaign me and Bettina talked about in earlier conversations.

[Update: 8.16.15] updated on prototype plan -My OpenIDEO, Tori, suggests mapping  UX with prototype questions. Added on prototype result+what should be fix accordingly.

[Update: 8.15.15 am]  added pdf for use in testing out prototype. add to campaign detail. looking back at the original idea, and see that there are parts involving hispanic community nature missing in current idea, so fuse that aspect from the starting idea to the current one. -  focus on mom as core target group, add detail on team collaboration.

[Update: 8.14.15 pm]  add in prototype plan. and more detail about the campaign. 

[Update: 8.14.15 am] Today while driving car i came across a radio program that has an interesting way to make listeners engage in songs request. Each break the DJ sets a topic  ' song that makes you cry ' , 'song that reminds your mom' etc. and share their story of why they feel connected to those songs. Normally I don't participate in song requests, but the questions sets me a subject to think about and want to engage.  Maybe the tactic can be adopted  to urge people to share. setting questions that stimulate their creativity.

[Update: 8.13.15] 'Miles for Meal' evolved into 'Move for More' Campaign . After condensing all the interesting comments/talks with the team, especially  Bettina Fliegal, and looking back on contributions at research phase plus look through campaign cases; it seems that the idea's core needs to be strengthen. The core of  'Miles for Meal' campaign is to urge a peer to peer motivation through group deal and workout video sharing. However the execution gives more emphasis on group deal than on sharing ( from user experience map : big circle for group deal vs small circle for sharing)- which is not what we want. thus, I shift the focus in the new execution to emphasise on developing a system to encourage people to share their simple daily workout clip, and more on social engagement. and change the name to 'Move for More' since the incentive is no longer restricted to only  healthy grocery. 

[Update: 8.5.15] Logan Powell made a point on collaborating and considering adding weight as a measure in addition to miles - to trade for meals. This triggers idea of dynamic reward points. similar to whats OpenIdeo is using, where there could be different measures with different weights on points but all adds up to earn reward.

[Update: 8.1.15] Added User experience map summary diagram (in attached pdf)

[Update: 7.29.15]  Joanna  brought up some interesting questions about how can the idea involve media/celebrity. I updated a post adding in how campaign leverage on media/celeb to kickstart the group deal. (in attached pdf)

[Update: 7.27.15] First Idea Post - no media role.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Been prototyping to test assumptions along different points of User experience. prototyping to moms and find that some assumptions are confirmed, some user experience point need to be fixed or added with other incentive to attract moms i.e. charity reward.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Would be great to get some feedback on my plan to prototype / ideas on ways to prototype. or other questions/assumptions that should be tested out ?

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Hi Napas! Just a note to say that collaborating with you as you built your idea has been a great experience! All the best!

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It was nice collaborating with you Tina! Thank you , and hope to see you again on the next challenge:)

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