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Foodingame Certification/Points

A certification/points program for restaurants where people gain health badges/points for nutritional food orders

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

Target Audience: Children and families who eat at restaurant. Especially, Hispanic Americans.

Context: America is a country that has many restaurants where people eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A nutritional way of eating is not very prominent because it is easy to cook fast foods like breads, sandwiches, burgers etc. When we check the nutrition value of these fast foods, they cover fats and carbs, but what about a balanced diet? Therefore, our program ensures a 100% nutrition diet

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Foodingame is a certification program for restaurants where people gain health badges/points in their leaderboards as they order food. It is important for restaurants to not only maintain food grade standards but also adopt nutritional habits to conserve health of the society. By keeping all the nutritional benefits in food, it becomes evident for the customers (people) to go for good food with a variety of choices.

Example Campaign :

Nutrition value @ Burger King :

Underlying thought: This certification program is for restaurants and create a Yelp concept for nutrition ranking in their menus. This way they customers become healthy and the restaurants get their value prop by serving people healthy food that is nutrition balanced. 

Meet Gabriel and his family who have a store next to their house in Los Cabos, MX

Gabriel's family has 5 adults and 6 children (toddlers) who live together under one roof that was chipped off during the hurricane last year. They had to revamp the entire store and the house.

Gabriel was shy to pose :) and he says he is happy with his store and of course, it was a hot day!
The store with tortillas on sale!
The store carries all fast foods and sometimes hotdogs made locally. The location is useful for local residents to visit this place and buy food items.
Food is essential for life and nutrients are essential for immunity and overall health

Photo Courtesy: Gabriel, Los Cabos, Mexico

Gabriel says that he and his family are happy eating food made at home and tortillas are his favorite. These tortillas are made locally in Los Cabos. He lives with his wife,six children, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and his mother. With a less than moderate income , he manages to take his family out to eat hot dogs (locally, at a fast food place) His mother, 56 loves eating out. His children love candies (available in his store). Eating at a polished restaurant is not economically feasible but the family wish to go out and have fun, together. 

By adopting Foodingame certification program at a local restaurant where Gabriel is aware about the usefulness just like he knows about any other offers ( coupons) he can adopt best practices for nutrition and restaurants can gain recognition for their nutritive food served in the community. 

Example: Subway has a weighted average nutritive value of 67/100 based on 2000 calorie intake. These weighted averages of nutrition helps both the stakeholders. 

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Our first experiment is to conduct a survey, locally in California. California is a health conscious state but there are many restaurants that do not serve nutritious food. Join hands in finding out :

1. Restaurants that encourage nutrition for their customers
2. How many restaurants are interested in changing their menus and adopt nutritional habits.

We can start with burger king as it famous!

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Networking engineer
Web Design
Mobile App dev and test
Big data Analyst

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm

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We're excited to see Foodingame make its way from Research Phase Priyanka! I like how this is a healthy twist on the customer reward/ loyalty programs that you see at such chains as Starbucks. As you continue to develop Foodingame, it'll be great to consider how technology can play a major role in this idea. e.g. how might customers use technology to keep track of their nutritional intake at restaurants? You might like to build on this interesting post from the Research Phase:

Also, here's a helpful tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Edit Contribution button at the top of your post . Scroll down to your Full Description field. Select the text you'd like to link, hit the link icon in the Rich Text Editor at the top of this field and enter your link. That way everyone will be able to check it out easily, straight from your post.

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Leave a reply after you have seen the main image for Foodingame. Hope that explains it all.
Ask me more questions/give feedback to help me refine this.

- Pri

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Great thanks for the update Priyanka

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