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Video Game Reinforcement

Tie exercise or activity apps to a site which rewards activity by issuing key which can be used for unique items in game.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

Everyone who plays games.
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Video games are wildly popular across many demographics. These games generally offer reward and 'level up' systems where the player accumulates points to upgrade game assests, or their stats. Some games also offer paid vanity type upgrades (i.e unique gear or clothing for their avatar), and systems of achieving ranks or awards (i.e. 'You have unlocked the warrior farmer award!). 

I propose an idea with three main components (API, industry site, tie in with games) ...

1-an opensource API, which exercise or activity monitoring app developers can use to generate points, using a point system agreed upon by one or more of the video game industry associations.

2-a web site run by the association that would collect data from these apps, in a non-identifying way, when the user submits it; they would accumulate points on their phone and when they have enough submit. This would return a code which they could enter into particpating games. When there are enough accumulated activity points any participating video game company would reward them in whatever way they choose.

Example: I use a walking app that has integrated the API. I walk 1000 miles. I see I have 1000 points accumulated. I press 'Submit' and the web site is sent this data without any personal identification, and returns a code 'GRC1823733038303'. I can go to any of the games I own that are participating in the program and enter the code. One game might offer a unique T-shirt for my avatar for 1000 points, another might give me a badge, or a unique weapon or even tie into their existing point system (i.e. "we added 500 gold coins to your account!)

A win for health and a win for game companies, who frequently draw the ire of groups and parents concerned about various aspects of the industry.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

None that I can do but I offer the idea up in case there are those in the health or video game industry who can make it happen.


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Nice one, Burt! As a former WOW player myself, I would run hundred miles for a rare weapon or mount. As I remember, after playing for more than four hours, a red notification appears on the chat box warning the player to stop playing but that's all.

Also, given that a lot of people loves watching series such as Game of Thrones, could your idea be integrated to online streaming? What do you think?

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I think so. I find myself increasingly viewing streamed content via various video services. I like the idea of using an API of some sort and allow all sorts of services of coming up with novel ways to connect all types of media and devices.

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