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Social Health Cloud

People and technology ecosystem to encourage multi-cultural groups overcome socio-economic barriers to better health and quality of life.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

Everyone. 65+ is a key audience group, since they might be inclined to care the most.

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I think the key to inspire socioeconomic and multicultural groups to lead healthier lives is to first:

A) Identify and communicate valued benefits?  i.e. What’s in it for me?

The next set of issues requires:

B) Overcoming related issues to diet and health:


1) Sometimes cheaper food tends to be bad for you.

2) Many people eat out, therefore at fast food restaurants.

3) People think of food as a vice.  “I live for food”, I “love” food.

4) There is a lot of information out there about diet, and exercise - information overload

5) Some people are busy and don’t know how to make the time for exercise.

6) Some people think exercise is boring.

7) Its hard for people to change habits.

8) A lot of people are unaware of the potential downsides of different types of food chemicals

9) Personal health aps are cumbersome to use, i.e. require a lot of data entry - i started and stopped using mine in a week.

10) There are possible issues related to whether data, research and information is credible and complete

11) Sometimes it is hard to become self-motivated, and having someone or more working toward achieving the same goals helps - "social factor" like posting your goals and progress on Facebook.

12) We are all different people, and many nice groups within groups.  Therefore we all require tailored approaches in addition to group approaches to solve health problems and bad habits.

13) In addition, for some cultures, traditional food consumed daily, at events or special occasions can be real unhealthily.

14)  More and more kids are becoming obese and are at risk of early heart attack.

15)  Vegetables don't always correlate with "great taste" in peoples mind.

When we talk about groups, social media comes to mind because of its ability for people to create a big change.  When I think about complexity, technology such as mobile, systems and analytics comes to mind to help conquer complexity.

There are more people now living past the age of 65+.   They would likely care the most about this first.


The technology platform proposed would include a system that facilitates providing tools and resources to overcome these issues, with a strong focus on habits and fruits and vegetables, and would include mobile (Access), social media (group motivation, cultural barriers, expert opinion/participants, accountability), information systems (access, volume of data) and analytics (complexity of information) features in both English and Spanish to better tailor and create a easy to use system and experience (UX/UI.)   An open feedback system would be included to validate any information.   3rd parties  - Food manufacturers, and restaurants, licensed health professionals, and credible health research organizations - would provide the health and diet information to decentralize and pass through any risk.  The marketing and social media strategy and related research (1-13) would present the “what’s in it for me.”  

Business model:

This is the initial idea – the final system may be simpler and would focus on the key product levers and pain-points.   The prototype with minimal features would be developed to validate the use and business case.

The basic service would be free.   The tool at tiered levels with more features would have a fee for users/professionals.   The first X (TBD) number of products for each food manufacturer would be free.   There would be a fee for more, and related targeted advertising.   The site would receive advertising fees, and commissions on a click-through leads to sales of products from external sites.   Content could be used to develop a network channel, based on rankings, likes, etc.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Wellness/health/licensed professional/s People from different market segments (behaviour - based on how they manage diet and health) People from age groups over 65+ Web & App development Cloud based systems development UX/UI expert People with a passion for cooking healthy food (multicultural celebrities would be nice) People who agressively want to loose wait, or maintain a consistently health lifestyle. Multi-cultural experts. Food mfrg, Restaurants, gyms, etc. who promote health

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